#Review “Cinderella and the Wolf Prince” by Siren Allen

Cinderella and the Wolf Prince cover

“Cinderella And The Wolf Prince: BWWM Paranormal Romance (Siren’s Tales Book 2)

Genre: Mythology & Folk Tales/African-American/Erotica

Release Date: September 23, 2017

5/5 Stars!

THIS! Read this!

Take a paranormal romance full of shifters, witches, wizards and dark magic, blend it with the right amount of steamy smexiness, then cover it in fairytale goodness and you get Cinderella and the Wolf Prince – a story you will read in one sitting!

Wulf St. Jamison is out of sorts and out of time…literally. Powerful witches just rescued the shifter prince from a cage where he’d been held for the last two hundred years.

Everyone and everything the Eternal Alpha knows and loves is gone. Add the trauma and nightmares of the endless torture he endured after watching his family being murdered and he’s in search of a final exit.

Cinderella Dupont is a smart young witch working as a maid/errand girl in her wicked stepmother’s brothel. (Don’t think cat house…no, don’t do that!) Cindi is counting the days… two more months until she turns 25! Her ‘debt’ to her stepmother will be paid in full AND she receives a sizable inheritance from her late father.

Nice little story there…but it’s not this one!

Circumstances bring a masked Cindi and Wulf together in a dark room for a hot night of passion and by morning, she’s gone.

Wulf is beside himself and determined to find her. When he learns of a witch known to be the best tracker around, he seeks her out. Is it a coincidence she’s also the witch responsible for his rescue?

Of course, it’s Cindi. But her BFF, Kara, has cooked up a potion and spell to mask her scent and identity. And the mating bite mark. Yep! He bit her…but she agreed! Uh Oh!

The story moves full steam ahead from there. Wulf is determined to find his mate… but why is there something familiar about Cindi?

I like Wulf St. Jamison. He’s out of his element, and Queen Issa and cousin Quentin do try to help. He has a lot of catching up to do and much to learn but he is willing… eventually… once he knows he has a mate. My favorite parts of the story were the internal arguments Wulf had with his wolf, which usually ran on the theme when in doubt, kill it! HA!

I like Cindi! The odds have been stacked against her since birth, but she still prevails. She’s also kind and always ready to help others. She doesn’t conceal her identity from Wulf out of spite or meanness. Her existence has always been controlled by others, and she’s ready to live her life on her terms and study her craft to become one of the powerful ruling Sister Witches. Cindi has plenty of darkness of her own she’s hiding, and Katherine just can’t wait to spill the beans.

But not yet!

While “helping” Wulf find his mate, Cindi falls in love. SQUEEEE! Before she can tell Wulf the truth, we end up at the Royal Ball immersed in supernatural beings behaving badly. Everyone shows out!

Katherine as the stepmother is spot on. She couldn’t be eviler if she tried. Stepsister Raishel – ugh, she got what she deserved. You’ll understand stepsister Ruby’s situation quickly after you meet her.

Amos? Mercy! His physical description alone had me running in the other direction. But when he… and then Wulf… and I was like, “what just happened?” NICE!

But the story does not end with the Royal Ball because there is a PROPHECY in play!

Good stuff!

Kara–and her sisters make my squad! Even though she was dealing with an ancestral curse of her own, Kara was still large and in charge, always having Cindi’s back. All the young women in this story had something major standing in the way of their happiness, but did they sit around crying and blaming the world… or all men? Nope! Kara was dying for a good fight—and she got it! HA!

Ginette…heartbreaking. I don’t excuse her, but I do understand, and I’m looking forward to the next book… and Quentin!

I was a bit confused in the early chapters. Wulf is brought two hundred years into the future where travel is done on horseback, but there is modern slang, wrist watches, and thongs. Keep reading, it gets explained!

The author brought her A-game and her forensic science for this paranormal adventure. I couldn’t recommend it more unless I read it to you… and what would be the fun in that?


Wulf St. Jamison is a cursed prince who’s finally found his princess. Or, at least, he thought he had. After spending one night in his masked female’s arms, he awakes to find her missing from his bed and from his life. No one seems to know who she is or where she came from. Was she real or just a creature his broken mind conjured up?

Cinderella Dupont only has two more months of servitude before she’s free to claim her inheritance and leave her hateful stepfamily behind. After playing the role of obedient daughter for so long, she craves one night of pleasure. She finds that in the arms of a handsome stranger, only to find out later that he’s the prince.
When he shows up at her door, she assumes he’s figured out that she’s the female behind the mask. That’s not the case. He’s there to hire her, the most powerful tracker witch in the land, to help him find his mate.

Unable to say no to the prince, she pretends to help him search for the female he claims he’s unable to let go. Working by his side, day after day, she finds herself falling for him and toying with the idea of telling him who she really is.

As dark forces descend upon them, will he forgive her for her deception? Or will her stepmother’s vile declarations turn him against her forever?

Especially since everything her stepmother says about her is true.

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