#Review “Give in to the Feeling” by Sarah Zama

Give in to the Felling cover

“Give in to the Feeling”

by: Sarah Zama

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Historical Fiction

Release Date: March 4, 2106

4/5 Stars!

A speakeasy in the 1920s is the setting for this paranormal novella.

Chinese immigrant, Susie (Su Xie), has the life she never dreamed possible. Sent by her parents to America to fulfill an arranged marriage contract, circumstances lead Susie to instead end up with Simon. When Simon decides to leave the west coast for a new business venture in Chicago he takes Susie with him.

Susie has more freedom than not only women of her culture but of most women of the time. She drinks, smokes, dresses provocatively, and dances with wild abandon. Simon gives her everything… because Susie belongs to him and him alone.

Until the night Blood walks into the speakeasy.

His presence overwhelms Susie before she even knows who he is.

Drawn to each other, Susie looks forward to Blood’s frequent trips to the speakeasy… and their dances.

Blood and his ‘brother’, Michael are uneasy about what they sense… and see in the nightclub. But why are they aware of a dark presence? Just who…or what are Blood and Michael?

At first confused, Susie realizes what she feels for Blood is genuine and is no longer content with the arrangement she has with Simon. But Blood’s frequent visits and the time Susie spends with him have not gone unnoticed by Simon. He demands Susie end the “friendship” and send Blood away.

Having recently witnessed how dangerous Simon can be, Susie doesn’t want any harm to come to Blood and does as she is told… with a broken heart.

This leads to a series of confrontations between multiple characters and an otherworldly climax I’ve re-read three times!

A little loose and confusing in the beginning, this short read quickly lasers in on its plot and takes the reader an unexpectant thrill ride. I recommend it!


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11 thoughts on “#Review “Give in to the Feeling” by Sarah Zama

  1. What a surprise, Felicia! I didnt’ expect your review to pop up in my feed!
    Thanks so much for it. I always love to see how others tell the plot… because I’m going mad trying to figure out how to write the blurb…

    Thanks again so much!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve been eyeing this one up for a while. I loved your review, and it’s really grabbed my interest.
    BTW, I am halfway through Fender thanks to your blog and review 🙂


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