#Review “Give in to the Feeling” by Sarah Zama

Give in to the Felling cover

“Give in to the Feeling”

by: Sarah Zama

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Historical Fiction

Release Date: March 4, 2106

4/5 Stars!

A speakeasy in the 1920s is the setting for this paranormal novella.

Chinese immigrant, Susie (Su Xie), has the life she never dreamed possible. Sent by her parents to America to fulfill an arranged marriage contract, circumstances lead Susie to instead end up with Simon. When Simon decides to leave the west coast for a new business venture in Chicago he takes Susie with him.

Susie has more freedom than not only women of her culture but of most women of the time. She drinks, smokes, dresses provocatively, and dances with wild abandon. Simon gives her everything… because Susie belongs to him and him alone.

Until the night Blood walks into the speakeasy.

His presence overwhelms Susie before she even knows who he is.

Drawn to each other, Susie looks forward to Blood’s frequent trips to the speakeasy… and their dances.

Blood and his ‘brother’, Michael are uneasy about what they sense… and see in the nightclub. But why are they aware of a dark presence? Just who…or what are Blood and Michael?

At first confused, Susie realizes what she feels for Blood is genuine and is no longer content with the arrangement she has with Simon. But Blood’s frequent visits and the time Susie spends with him have not gone unnoticed by Simon. He demands Susie end the “friendship” and send Blood away.

Having recently witnessed how dangerous Simon can be, Susie doesn’t want any harm to come to Blood and does as she is told… with a broken heart.

This leads to a series of confrontations between multiple characters and an otherworldly climax I’ve re-read three times!

A little loose and confusing in the beginning, this short read quickly lasers in on its plot and takes the reader an unexpectant thrill ride. I recommend it!


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“Outcast” by Kiru Taye

Outcast cover

From Kiru Taye

Many of you discovered me through my contemporary stories like the Essien series.

Did you also know that I write other romance sub-genres like paranormal/fantasy stories?

For example, Outcast is a story based on African legends and tales I heard as a kid.

I’ve always been fascinated with leopard men myths. In Europe, they have werewolves. In Africa, we have leopard people.

In Outcast, I put my own spin on the leopard people myth.

Ebube is an Ure Guardian, a demi-god leopard shifter, whose job is to guard the earth realm from spirit being who are not meant to be here.

Ugo is an Osu, an outcast among humans and a living sacrifice to the gods, who also has magical powers.

If you haven’t read Outcast, now is a good time to grab your copy. I’m currently writing book 2 of the series, Sacrifice.

Find Outcast here: http://www.kirutaye.com/outcast

Who is waiting for Sacrifice? 😉

“In Too Deep” by Jordan Marie #TeaserTuesday

I did a really bad thing.
I’m not a bad person, I swear. I just made a few mistakes.

Mistake number one was agreeing to rent my hotel out to an insufferable a**hole, named Aden Smith.

Mistake number two was ignoring his threats to sue me when he handed over a list of items he deemed “unacceptable”.

Mistake number three was diving into the pool to save his life when he fell. It would have been less complicated to hide his body.

When the hospital refuses to let me know how he is, I panic.

Claiming to be his wife might be my biggest mistake yet—especially when he believes me!

He might have been the one drowning, but I’m sinking in a bed of lies, going down fast—and there’s not a rescue in sight.

Complete Standalone FULL-LENGTH NOVEL. Happy Ending, Laugh Out Loud Comedy and an Alpha Hero with his eyes and other things only on one woman all contained inside.

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“Girl Unseen” by Athena Daniels #BookBlitz


Title: Girl Unseen (Beyond the Grave series, #3)
Author: Athena Daniels
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: September 5,2017
Cover Designer: Bespoke Book Covers http://bespokebookcovers.com/
Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

Some secrets aren’t meant to stay buried…

Pia has made a dead girl a promise. One that she is determined to keep. But is she prepared for the nightmare that’s about to be unleashed?

When Pia Williams, a gifted psychic medium, is contacted by the traumatized spirit of a young girl, her search to uncover the truth begins. The more Pia learns about the girl’s gruesome fate, the more determined she is to bring those responsible to justice. But is she prepared for the shocking truth of what she’s about to expose?

With more questions than answers, one thing becomes clear to Pia: the girl’s spirit is uniquely powerful, and she’s killing from beyond the grave. Who—or what—is the girl now? A victim, or a demon with murderous intentions? What really happened to her? And how far will Pia go to help her get revenge?

Accused of a murder the spirit commits, Pia reaches out to the only man who can help her: ex-Special Forces detective Nate Ryder. A man who is as dangerous to her heart as the situation she seeks his help with. Nate would move mountains for the woman he loves, but how can he protect her against forces he can’t even see?

As Pia and Nate are swept into an unpredictable situation brimming with dark, evil intent, they soon discover they have more to fear from the living than they ever did from the dead…

Athena Daniels is the International bestselling and award-winning author of the Beyond the Grave paranormal romance series and the romantic thriller Desperate. In 2016, Athena was nominated for Author of the Year and Best New Author in AusRom Today’s Reader’s Choice Awards.

Her novel Girl Unseen, won the silver medal in the 2017 Readers’ Favorite® International Book Awards, and awarded Silver Medal in the Literary Titan Book Awards, 2017.

The Seer’s Daughter was the solo Medalist Winner in the Suspense/Thriller category of the 2016 New Apple Annual Book Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing, was a finalist in the 11th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards, 2017, and a finalist in the 2016 Readers’ Favorite® International Book Awards. The Seer’s Daughter was also nominated for 2016 Book of the Year and 2016 Cover of the Year in AusRom Today’s Reader’s Choice Awards.

The Seer’s Daughter was a Top Pick at The Romance Reviews and was featured in AusRom Today’s January 2016 top-twenty list of “Lust-Have Sci-Fi, Paranormal, and Fantasy Novelists.”

Athena has a natural curiosity about the “more” there is in life, and holds several qualifications in metaphysics and natural therapies. She is a neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner, life coach, and feng shui specialist.


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