“Freddie Untangled (The Essiens Book 7)” by Kiru Taye #NewRelease

Freddie Untangled

Will Freddie and Kike get a happy future together? Well, you can find out now because Freddie Untangled is out at your favourite eBook retailer.

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Kike has struggled for years to break out of the chains of her marriage to Lekan. After moving out of the Ogun estate, she has to cope with condemnation not just from family and friends but from unseen followers as the story of her relationship with Freddie becomes media fodder. She’s finally free to love a man who loves her but is she about to lose everything else that matters to her?

Freddie has a new family—Kike and the kids—and he has to pull out all the stops if he is to outwit a powerful sociopathic pastor as well as and deal with ghosts from his past that come to haunt him. He will do whatever it takes to keep the woman he loves safe but the price might be his sanity and his life.

Lekan is not about to give up on a woman he sees as his property and uses every weapon in his arsenal to get Kike back, including following through on the threats he made.

With the odds stacked up against Kike and Freddie, is a happy future together even possible? Will they ever be out of Lekan’s reach?

This story unravels in two instalments—this is the second part and not a standalone.

The first part, Freddie Entangled is out now.

Fibromyalgia and the ICD 10

If your health care professional isn’t listening, find one who will. Knowledge is power. Be your own advocate!

Fibro Cloud

For years, people who suffer from fibromyalgia have been twice victimized. Once, by the chronic pain and fatigue of a debilitating illness. And once by the refusal of people in the medical community to take the illness seriously. Fibromyalgia has existed for as long as any other chronic disease, but it’s never had the same sort of attention from doctors as many other conditions. Patients are told that it’s in their head, or that they don’t really suffer from a disease, or that if they do it’s not that serious. But that’s finally begun to change. In fact, in a rare bit of good news for fibro sufferers, there’s a new fibromyalgia ICD 10 code.

The ICD, or the International Classification of Diseases, is a listing of all the different conditions that doctors have identified that helps in diagnosing and treating different diseases. So, for a condition to like fibromyalgia, which has never had its own listing before the latest, or 10th, edition of the ICD to get its own classification is the first sign that doctors are beginning to take it seriously. So, what’s the new classification of fibromyalgia? Why does it matter? And why has it taken this long for the condition to get recognized?

Fibromyalgia ICD 10

The ICD works by breaking diseases into classifications that are denoted by systems of numbers. It’s similar in that respect to the Dewey Decimal system used in libraries to classify books. Each type of disease receives its own number. Diseases in the 001-0139 range are infectious or parasitic diseases, for instance.

Fibromyalgia is grouped in the 700 range, which means that it’s related to the musculoskeletal system. The actual number in the ICD 10 for fibromyalgia is M79.7. That means that it’s classified as a musculoskeletal disorder (700), while also classified in the general category of myalgia, or muscle pain (9). The .7 is the actual differential for fibromyalgia, which now has its own classification.

And that’s good news when it comes to the struggle to get the condition the recognition it deserves.

Why Does It Matter?

The first step in finding a cure for any condition is for doctors to acknowledge that it exists and is a serious enough condition that it is worth investing research resources into. For a long time, fibromyalgia wasn’t even listed in the ICD, because doctors weren’t in agreement that it was even a real condition.

Obviously, that made the odds of finding a cure pretty long, since the condition received little attention or recognition. As the focus of the medical establishment has shifted towards understanding the condition, we’ve seen it move in the ICD from a subset of other conditions to being recognized as its own condition now in the ICD 10.

And while it may seem like a pretty small victory to get doctors to just realize that fibromyalgia is a real and distinct condition, it’s a big step forward towards getting the condition the resources we need to find a cure.

What’s Taken So Long?

Unfortunately, the road to this recognition has been a long one. Part of the issue with any illness like fibromyalgia, which doesn’t cause visible symptoms, is that people just don’t believe the people who suffer from it. It’s a sad fact of life that people are often not willing to empathize with others. And we often have a hard time accepting that someone could be in pain if we can’t “see” it.

Fibromyalgia doesn’t cause obvious symptoms that other people can see. Although the chronic pain and fatigue are incredibly obvious to people who live with it. After all, these people have their entire worlds turned upside down. They can’t do the same things that others take for granted. And they struggle twice as hard to just handle the day to day tasks that are a part of life.

So imagine how they feel to be told that they aren’t suffering from a real illness when their “fake” illness makes it impossible to live a normal life. But that same inability to accept pain we can’t see as being real has made it hard for doctors, who are people like anyone else and suffer from the same preconceptions, to accept that fibromyalgia is a physical illness. Luckily, the rise of awareness among the fibromyalgia community and the tireless efforts people with fibromyalgia have made together to get recognized finally seem to be making a difference.

So, keep it up, guys. Keep fighting for recognition and eventually a cure. People with fibromyalgia are always strongest together.

The preceding article is from FibromyalgiaTreating.com and posted here for sharing purposes only. For additional information, please visit their website.
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“Fields of Gold Beneath Prairie Skies (Canadian Historical Brides Book 6)” by Suzanne de Montigny

Fields of Gold banner

Fields of Gold coverTitle: Fields of Gold Beneath Prairie Skies

Author: Suzanne de Montigny

Genre: Historical Romance

French-Canadian soldier, Napoleon, proposes to Lea during WWI, promising golden fields of wheat as far as the eye can see. After the Armistice, he sends money for her passage, and she journeys far from her family and the conveniences of a modern country to join him on a homestead in Saskatchewan. There, she works hard to build their dream of a prospering farm, clearing fields alongside her husband through several pregnancies and even after suffering a terrible loss. When the stock market crashes in ’29, the prairies are stricken by a long and abysmal drought. Thrown into poverty, she struggles to survive in a world where work is scarce, death is abundant, and hope dwindles. Will she and her family survive the Great Depression?

Available September 19th!

~ P R E O R D E R ~

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Author Bio

Suzanne de Montigy

Suzanne de Montigny loved writing stories as a child, creating her first novella at the age of twelve. She has kept it on her shelf between her textbooks and novels all her life. As an adult, she pursued a career in music education, teaching school for twenty years. It was there she discovered she had a knack for storytelling. When her father passed away in 2006, she developed an overpowering urge to begin writing again. She has received awards for her “Shadow of the Unicorn” series and her young teen novel, A Town Bewitched.

She lives in Burnaby, B.C. with the four loves of her life, her husband, her two boys, and Buddy the bichon frisé.











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“The Atonement of Lucas (The Ascent Series)” by Kris Hack #ReleaseBlitz


Title: The Atonement of Lucas

Series: The Ascent Series

Author: Kris Hack

Genre: Adult, Paranormal Romance

Published: September 14, 2017

Page Count: 242 Pages

THE ONLY PERSON I’VE EVER LOVED was taken from me during the first reaping several months ago. I don’t know how, or why, but something changed inside me, turning me into something I never knew existed. Sasha came into my life and saved me, teaching me to use the powers I’d known so little about. But saving me wasn’t her end goal. She handed me over to the Fallen like I meant nothing to her, and now, revenge is all I see. Destroying those who screwed me fills my every thought but there’s one thing standing in my way. He came along and became the one Fallen I don’t think I can live without.

TROUBLE SHOULD HAVE BEEN HER NAME. When I found her planting a bomb on the compound, I threw her in a cell, leaving her the option to cooperate or starve. I should kill her and put an end to the suffering she’s determined to impose on all of us, but there’s just something about her that keeps holding me back. The friction between us is explosive. I can’t resist her when she gets that look in her eye, and she damn well knows it.



The Atonement of Lucas Excerpt © Kris Hack 2017


Amelia stands a few yards in front of me, chest heaving. Sweat drips from her forehead and her arms shake. I’ve thrown everything I could at her, and though she’s going to be bruised and in pain tomorrow, she still hasn’t given up.

“That’s enough for tonight,” I say.

Her knives clatter together as she drops them into their box, then she rolls to the ground, throwing her arms and legs out like a starfish.

I walk over and stand above her feet. Thunder cracks above us and I bend closer to her face. “C’mon, we need to head back, unless you want to get—” I’m cut off by the whoosh of rain pelting down on us.

A laugh bubbles out of her wide-open mouth as she attempts to catch the falling droplets with her tongue. Not able to resist, I roll to the ground next to her, facing the leaking sky.

“I used to love the rain.” She sighs. “Back before the lightning took my father, leaving me to my own devices.”

“I’m sorry.”

She turns her head to the side and stares right in my eyes. “I want to love the rain again.”

I love to read, write, and go camping, especially if it’s near a beach somewhere. My furbabies and hubby love the water and so do I! We go camping whenever we can and have a blast cuddling by the fire, eating s’mores and listening to the waves crash against the shore.

Reading is a long-time passion of mine and I’ve always had trouble ending the books when I close them. Characters and scenarios would flow through my mind, further keeping me from much needed sleep. After a time, my own characters began running through my head, demanding to have their stories told.

I am the author of the Ascent series, my first published novel is The Ascension of Laney, a New Adult Paranormal Romance.


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“Broken Promises (A Past Imperfect Mystery #1)” by Anne Willow #Review

Broken Promises cover

Title: Broken Promises (A Past Imperfect Mystery)

Author: Anne Willow

Genre: Adult, Cozy Mystery

Published: August 17, 2017


3/5 Stars!

Inheriting an antique shop, Past Imperfect, from her favorite aunt gives Julia Crawford a reason and motivation to walk away from her adulterous husband, Graham.

With barely enough time to be considered a resident and accepted into the touristy art community of Grand Marais on the shores of Lake Superior, Julia is the prime suspect in a murder investigation.  The story was at twenty-five percent by the time the murder occurred, so I looked forward to a slow-build in the investigation.

Without giving away spoilers, I can say the “investigation” was a letdown for me. Small town law enforcement is sometimes painted as backward and ill-equipped, but Sheriff Jack Barrett was portrayed as more than capable and crime scenes were processed using forensic science.

Which is why I couldn’t understand why Julia was ever a suspect simply because her fingerprints were the only prints on the murder weapon. It belonged to her. And why was she the only one to question why her prints were not found anywhere else at the crime scene? It was just one of several puzzling items for me.

The spouse is always suspect number one. The wife was at the police station at the same time as Julia, but where was she during the murder? Who discovered the body? Why would Julia murder a man she didn’t know in a place she’d never been to?

I figured out who the killer was but read on in hopes of a smoking gun or plot twist.

I didn’t get either.

The supernatural element was intriguing (and heartbreaking), but even it fizzled out for me before the end. I feel Aunt Sadie should have provided more details or given Julia more guidance, especially when dealing with curses and possession. I understood Elizabeth’s pain and Thomas got no less than what he deserved, but the resolution left me lukewarm.

Lucy and Sandy were good supporting characters, but much like Julia, they seemed to contradict themselves in every other scene.

Graham Crawford…ugh! It was annoying Julia had to remind herself of his true character and how badly he treated her to stand her ground. Granted, she was a woman in transition, but none of her memories or internal thoughts of Graham warranted him having any kind of pull or power over Julia.

Grammar and editing issues are minor. But while I don’t need dialogue tags in every sentence, conversations ran together and at times it was difficult to know who was speaking. I appreciate good scene description but getting through some paragraphs was exhausting with the number of adjectives used.

I didn’t fully connect with Broken Promises, but that doesn’t mean I don’t recommend it. Other readers may enjoy its simple, laid back delivery and uncomplicated storyline.

As it is book 1 in the Past Imperfect series, we haven’t heard the last from Julia Crawford and the residents of Grand Marais. I would read the next book to see how the series progresses.




Julia was in a search of a way out…a way back to herself.

The passing of her favorite aunt sends her to the small artist town of Grand Marais, nestled along the northern coast of Lake Superior. There she starts to weave the tattered threads of a new life, rediscovering her love of sketching, while running the antique shop, Past Imperfect. Everything is finally going right. Until a mysterious package arrives, tucked inside is an ornate silver letter opener bearing the initials E.C. along with an even more mysterious note. Julia’s natural curiosity piqued, but before she can discover who sent the letter opener, it’s found embedded in Tom Peterson’s chest. The tapestry of her new life begins to unravel as she is named a prime suspect. Now, left with few clues and a past not willing to let her go, Julia works to solve the mystery and the murder.

Infidelity through time and a curse that only she can break – once she figures out how.

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