“Origins of an Alpha: Beast of Red Moon Ranch (An Arranged Marriage Romance)” by Morgan Rae

99¢ at the time of posting!

“Origins of an Alpha: Beast of Red Moon Ranch (An Arranged Marriage Romance)”

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Urban/Shifters

Release Date: May 19, 2016

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What would you do to save your family…and yourself?

It’s a new era, a time of free love and women’s lib. So why did Mae McCullen agree to marry a total stranger at her father’s request? Ever the good girl, the solid one, she thinks it’s all to keep her family’s land and money secure. Instead, her father is hiding a much darker secret, one that is too wild to be real.

Scott Westmore doesn’t much care who he marries. After all, one human is the same as the next. But with the intense feeling that he’s losing touch with his human side, a marriage of convenience seems like an easy way to tether himself to reality and keep his Beast under control.

But when a shaman’s orphan has other plans for the shifter clans, ones that will curse the alpha into an animal existence forever, Mae must break the curse if she has any hope of keeping her bear…but only if he’s willing to stay.

What say you?

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