“Doctor Who: Paper Dolls” by Simon Guerrier and Christel Dee

Calling all Doctor Who fans!

“Doctor Who: Paper Dolls

Genre: Hobbies & Crafts/Papercrafts

Release Date: September 5, 2017

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The first ever book of Doctor Who paper dolls, including all twelve doctors, a range of companions and characters, and more than fifty different outfits accompanied by captions and trivia for each!

Take your obsession with Doctor Who to an imaginative new dimension with Doctor Who: Paper Dolls. Role play as your favorite Doctor, replay the Doctors’ greatest episodes, and travel through space and time with close companions, including Rose, Donna, Missy, and the latest sidekick companion, Bill. Each doll is printed on heavy art cardstock and comes with a range of outfits to mix and match any adventure, all with captions providing background information and trivia. You can also take your dress-up to the next galactic level with cosplay tips from Christel Dee, star of Doctor Who: The Fan Show.


2 thoughts on ““Doctor Who: Paper Dolls” by Simon Guerrier and Christel Dee

  1. My parents’ favorite is the 10th Doctor and Rose
    I’m the 11th Doctor and Amy (Amelia) Pond – I also loved River Song (Melody Pond) and her story line
    I haven’t watched the new Doctor yet, because it takes me awhile to get caught up on TV shows. I don’t want to play with paper dolls, but this is a fun collectors idea. I might have to get it, just to have it LOL

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