“Lions of Pride Island Complete Series” by Terry Bolryder

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“Lions of Pride Island Complete Series”

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Fantasy/Multicultural

Release Date: August 10, 2017

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Three complete, sexy shifter romances starring strong, devoted lion shifters as they fight for their fated mates! Action, intrigue and happy endings ensured with this complete, boxed series!

King of Rock

Beau Hunt is an icon. A walking sex symbol adored for his gorgeous body and rough, sensual voice. But secretly, he’s also a prince of his people. He has always known that his mate would be chosen for him, and that his decision to accept would affect the entire world and his ability to protect those he cares about. So when the perfect mate is picked for him he’s relieved. Until the one woman he wants to win turns out to be the one who doesn’t want him…

Prince of Fate

Cain Hunt is addicted to adrenaline, an extreme sports athlete who is always going as fast as possible in an effort to outrace his own past. But all of that comes to a halt when he’s called home as the second prince of his people. Cain isn’t sure he’s fit to be anyone’s mate, but when his match turns out to be curvy, sweet Brenna, a girl he grew up with and has always remembered, he is ready to try like never before.

Protector of the Pride

Axel Hunt knows what’s expected from him in life. Find a mate that’s suitable to the oracle, mate her, and rule his country, ensuring peace. But all of that is turned upside down when curvy Lucy comes into his life, drawing his attention as never before. Only problem? She’s his secretary. And despite his heart screaming ‘mate’, the oracle hasn’t picked one for him yet.

“Daddy Soda (A New Hampshire Mystery Book 1)” by Mira Gibson

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“Daddy Soda (A New Hampshire Mystery Book 1)”

Genre: Suspense/Thriller/Psychological

Release Date: November 8, 2015

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Hannah Cole has built a life around her job as a receptionist at the local precinct after surviving a tumultuous upbringing, one she’s worked hard to forget. For years, Hannah has hardly spoken to her overbearing mother or the half-sisters she barely knows: shy Candice, and Mary, a stunning fifteen year old with an eerie grip on the town. But when she learns her mother has been kidnapped, she returns home to the shack on Hermit Lake and the step-father she’s never trusted.

Detective Cody McAlister has never seen a case like this. The kidnapper has planned every detail with exquisite precision and when body parts begin to arrive at his department, the glaring reality becomes all too clear: Kendra won’t be alive for long. The key to the deranged kidnapper’s motive and identity may be held in the unsteady hands of a twelve-year old girl. But Candice hasn’t spoken a word since that tragic night.

As Hannah and Cody’s investigation takes them from abandoned strip malls to the outer reaches of the marsh, the unimaginable truth emerges, and Hannah finds herself reliving hellish memories of the shack she thought she’d never have to face. If she doesn’t unravel the psychological puzzle of her own past, she won’t find her mother in time. In small-town New Hampshire where what you see is what you get, no one is who they seem.

***Author’s note: Each book in The New Hampshire Mysteries can be read as a stand-alone***

Fibromyalgia and Homeopathic Treatment


If there’s one thing that anyone with fibromyalgia knows, it’s that so many of the medications doctors prescribe for the condition just aren’t that effective. In fact, there’s only one medication, Savella, designed specifically to treat fibromyalgia. And even that isn’t effective for a lot of people with the condition. So that leaves many people turning to alternative treatments like homeopathic medicine.

Homeopathic medicine is an alternative form of treatment that is designed to treat the body in a natural way. But whether it is effective is a bit of a controversy. So, what exactly is homeopathic medicine? Can it work for fibromyalgia? And what are some homeopathic remedies that you can try?

What Is Homeopathic Medicine?

Homeopathic medicine is based on treating the body as a whole. Homeopathic practitioners see the body as a single unit made up of interconnecting systems. Any illness is, in the view of people who practice this type of medicine, the natural struggle of the body to keep itself healthy. The idea is that by using all-natural cures, you can stimulate the body’s healing process and cure the symptoms of many different diseases.

Most homeopathic cures are based on plants and minerals and given in very small, diluted doses. The central idea is that the body only needs a small amount of a substance to begin curing itself. And many homeopathic remedies are based on ancient forms of medicine, particularly from places like India and China, where these cures are still used today.

But, not everyone agrees that these types of cures are effective.

Does It Work For Fibromyalgia?

You can find report after report arguing that homeopathic medicine isn’t an effective way to treat illness. Many studies have found that the dosages used are too small to really have any effect. Or that the benefits described by patients are due to the placebo effect, which is where the patient believes that the treatment will work, and therefore reports positive treatment outcomes. And many reports have argued that some of the substances that are commonly prescribed can even be dangerous.

But, there’s also a large body of evidence that suggests just the opposite. Recent reports from both the government of Switzerland, known for its unbiased medical studies, and Harvard University, have found that homeopathic cures are both effective and a cost-efficient way of treating patients.

So, ultimately, it’s hard to know what to make of the effectiveness of homeopathic medicine. And you can find evidence to support either side of the argument. But, if you’re interested in trying homeopathic cures for fibromyalgia, there are a few things that might be worth trying.

Some Remedies You Can Try

Because most of the information about homeopathic cures for fibromyalgia comes from amateur practitioners rather than licensed medical experts, you should approach every cure with a grain of salt. Don’t try any substance that can be dangerous. And only get your materials from sources selling products that are regulated by the FDA.

Furthermore, the lack of formal research means that most homeopathic remedies for the condition come from these practitioners rather than official experts. With that being said, there are few things that are commonly recommended as potential ways to treat the condition.

Acupuncture is a very safe form of treatment that consists of using pins inserted into the skin to stimulate the body’s natural painkillers and improve the functions of nerves. Many people report that it helps with their fibromyalgia symptoms and there have been a few studies that back up that claim. But there are also studies that suggest it isn’t effective at all. Like so many homeopathic cures, it’s hard to say what the truth is. But because acupuncture is such a safe and easy treatment, it may be worth trying to see if it improves your symptoms.

In addition, there are a number of different dietary supplements that fibro sufferers have suggested benefit their symptoms. Melatonin is a substance that your body naturally produces as part of the sleep cycle, and using melatonin supplements can help you manage insomnia that comes with fibromyalgia and may even reduce the amount of pain you feel.

5-HTP, or 5-Hydroxytryptophan, is another supplement that helps increase the amount of serotonin in the brain and might help reduce your pain. And many people with fibromyalgia have low magnesium levels, which has led some to recommend magnesium supplements.

But even if homeopathic cures aren’t effective for fibromyalgia, the concept behind them has some merit. Taking charge of your health generally, and viewing your body as a single system is a good way to manage fibromyalgia. Striving to be as healthy as possible in diet and with exercise is one of the best ways to handle fibromyalgia.

The preceding article is from FibromyalgiaTreating.com and posted here for sharing purposes only. For additional information, please visit their website.
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“Until Ray Trilogy” by Cheryl Robinson #MegaGiveaway


Until Ray front coverTitle: Until Ray

Author: Cheryl Robinson

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Two people in the same city but worlds apart.

Until Ray is an unconventional love story of how two young people transitioning into adulthood find each other and develop a bond that will be tested through three decades.


Ray lives in northwest Detroit in a four-family flat with his mother. When he’s not at home, Ray’s either at the mall selling women’s shoes or in the club. In both places, he’s focused on one thing—picking up women. Dissatisfied, dysfunctional, and leagues behind his peers, Ray’s ready for a change but isn’t sure how to make it happen.


At twenty-four, Sarita has an MBA, is a CPA, and works in upper-level management at GM. But all that success comes at a cost: she’s lonely and craves the one thing she’s never had—attention from men. Until now. Dr. Graham Emerson wants to marry Sarita, and her parents expect her to, but Sarita isn’t convinced he’s the one for her. On a blind date, she meets Ray Saint and is immediately drawn in by his good looks and sense of humor. But his reputation for being a ladies’ man raises several red flags. Ray swears he’s changed. Is giving up a sure thing for a maybe worth the risk?

Set in the mid-eighties, Until Ray explores life and love through the lenses of colorism, classism, and family dysfunction.

Until Ray Book 1 is currently a FREE download through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo!

Cheryl RobinsonCheryl Robinson was born in Detroit, Michigan, the youngest in a family of five. She grew up in Palmer Woods, a residential historic district that is now one of the settings in her forthcoming novel, Until Ray.

For the past fifteen years, she has been busy writing contemporary women’s fiction. For  Penguin/NAL, Cheryl wrote six novels: If It Ain’t One Thing, It’s Like That, Sweet Georgia Brown, In Love with a Younger Man, When I Get Where I’m Going, and Remember Me. Cheryl is now an independent author and the owner of Rose Colored Books. With her company, she has published The One, Like Mom, and the forthcoming Until Ray Trilogy.

Cheryl currently resides in Florida.



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