FREE Books from Karpov Kinrade/Alex Lux! #LimitedTime

Grab these great reads from the husband/wife team Karpov Kinrade/Alex Lux before they disappear!

Free ebooks, giveaways & so much awesome! 

To celebrate the long weekend, the anticipation of fall (oh how we love fall!) and to gear up for the soon-to-be released OF DREAMS AND DRAGONS, we are doing some epic giveaways and book deals!

Under our Karpov Kinrade pen name and Alex Lux pen name, we have some awesome free and discounted books available for just a few days. So go forth and load up your kindles!

***KARPOV KINRADE titles FREE or discounted!***

FREE: Vampire Girl:
$1.99 DEAL: VG2: Midnight Star:
(The fantasy romance that has sunk its teeth into the international reading community and hit the USAT bestseller list multiple times! Series is complete with 4 books.)





FREE: Forbidden Mind:
$1.99 DEAL: Forbidden Fire:
$1.99 DEAL: Forbidden Life:
(Award-winning trilogy, all books on sale for a few days only!)

***ALEX LUX titles FREE or discounted!***

(This is our pen name for titles with more mature sexual content)

FREE: Seduced by Innocence:
(First of a complete 5 book series that is paranormal romantic suspense. This series is also under the title The Rose and the Thorn. It’s confusing, we know. We tried something, failed at it, and now have a bit of a mess. But we’re telling you so you don’t accidentally get the same series twice.)




FREE: Call Me Cat:
$1.99 DEAL: Leave Me Love:
$1.99 DEAL: Tell Me True:
(Bestselling romantic suspense trilogy that will keep you guessing until the very end. Complete trilogy on sale.)

And now for GIVEAWAY NEWS!

We have a big giveaway happening over on Facebook. Check it out HERE. You’ll find the giveaway as the pinned post on the page.

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