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“Dark Rites: A Paranormal Romance Novel (Krewe of Hunters)” by Heather Graham

$1.99 at the time of posting!

“Dark Rites: A Paranormal Romance Novel (Krewe of Hunters)

Genre: Thriller & Suspense/Supernatural/Ghosts

Release Date: July 25, 2017

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The witches, they are real… 

A series of bizarre assaults is mystifying Boston police: an unknown attacker is viciously beating random strangers and leaving a note quoting an old warning about witchcraft. History professor Alex Maple was one of the victims, and now he’s gone missing. Vickie Preston is certain that someone has taken her friend for malicious purposes. She’s having blood-drenched visions that seem to be staining her waking life, and the escalating attacks suggest that a dangerous cult is at work behind the scenes—a cult so powerful that its members would rather die than be apprehended.

Vickie is grateful to have Special Agent Griffin Pryce and the FBI’s elite Krewe of Hunters on her side. She and Griffin are finding their way in an increasingly passionate relationship, and Griffin is desperately trying to keep her safe and the two of them sane amid the disturbing investigation. The search for Alex will take them deep into the wilderness of Massachusetts on the trail of a serial killer, and it will take everything they have to survive the ancient evil that awakens and threatens not just the man they’re striving to save but their very souls.

“My Soldier 2: A Military Romance Collection (Mine Collection Book 5)” #PreOrder


“My Soldier 2: A Military Romance Collection (Mine Collection Book 5)

Genre: Romance/Military/Anthology

Release Date: September 12, 2017

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First, there was My Soldier, now there’s My Soldier 2!

Special Forces…
Navy Seals…
US Marines…
We got it all…

7 Full-length novels by International and USA today best selling authors. Hot, steamy, sexy, military romances with an edge! Romance, suspense, drama…you will love our My Soldier 2 collection as much as you loved the original My Soldier collection!

Authored by:
C.A Harms
Alison Mello
Penelope Marshall
A.L. Vincent
Amanda Mackey
Shannon Nemechek
Marianne Rice

“Bad Blood Panther (Bad Blood Shifters Book 4)” by Anastasia Wilde

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“Bad Blood Panther (Bad Blood Shifters Book 4)”

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Fantasy

Release Date: September 1, 2017

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I’ll always find you, Jenny. Jenny Castile can’t forget the chilling words of Alton Raines, alpha of the Broken Hill panther clan—the man who wants to take her baby son from her and raise him to be a killer. Her last hope is to track down her old friend Alex Fierro, now Xander of the infamous Bad Blood Crew. They’re the only monsters badass enough—and crazy enough—to protect her and Brandon. The fact that she once harbored a secret love for the man who only saw her as a friend doesn’t matter anymore. At least, that’s what she keeps telling herself…

Ever since he was Turned without consent—or even a little effing heads-up—by his ex-girlfriend, Cindi, Xander’s life has been a gradual slide into hell and insanity. Now he and his panther are one homicidal rage away from having to be put down, and his only goal is to leave the crew he loves before they’re the ones that have to do it. So the last thing he needs is Jenny Castile showing up in his life, begging for his help.

How can he help her, when he can’t even help himself?

Only problem: Xander’s panther wants Jenny, and he wants her bad. Suddenly his old friend is stirring up feelings he thought were gone from his heart forever. But Jenny’s keeping secrets—secrets that can either rip Xander’s life to pieces all over again, or finally help him step up and turn into the man he’s always wanted to be. Can Jenny trust Xander with everything? And can he become the mate she needs, before Alton Raines destroys them both?

Fall in love with the Bad Blood Shifters! Smokin’ hot shifter men with hearts of gold; the strong, passionate women who love them; secrets, lies and danger; naughty, steamy love scenes—and happily ever afters.

Content warning: This book contains naughty language and steamy love scenes, and is intended for adults only.

“The Quest for Juice (Paranoia Book 1)” by Jonathan-David Jackson

#FREE at the time of posting!

“The Quest for Juice (Paranoia Book 1)”

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy

Release Date: November 24, 2014

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Oscar has always lived a life of quiet paranoia, but now everything is changing. Suddenly, the bus is frequently late, his housekeys won’t fit in the lock, and someone has taken his juice, which was the one thing holding his life together. He strikes back against the people behind it all, but when he strikes too hard an innocent man ends up dead, and Oscar ends up in jail, diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and facing life in a mental institution. On his journey to mental health and the truth, he has to make hard decisions about medication, trusting his own mind, dating a nurse, and whether that hedgehog can actually talk.

Fibromyalgia and Adrenal Fatigue

Living with Fibromyalgia

If you ever want your doctor roll his eyes at you, just ask him about adrenal fatigue. Most physicians seem to feel about as much contempt for this concept as they do chiropractors. And you thought getting a fibromyaglia diagnosis was hard. Asking about adrenal fatigue is akin to telling your doctor that your symptoms are from an alien abduction. They dismiss it, almost like pseudo-science, and will even label it with quotation marks like this: “adrenal fatigue.” They claim that no scientific proof exists to support it as a medical condition. Rather, they will tell you that you simply have depression or, better still…fibromyalgia.

Thankfully, there are those in medicine and alternative therapies who are aware of this very real condition. Remember how long it took for them to believe fibro was a real disease? And yet you will still come cross doctors who dismiss it too, despite science. So, let’s take a look at this condition, see how it works, and what can be done about it.

Chronic Stress and Cortisol

Cortisol. We’ve all heard of it and know that it probably has something to do with stress and maybe even weight gain. It may also remind you of hydrocortisone cream. That’s because it’s the medicated version of cortisol. So why does cortisol have such a nasty stigma if it can also be used as a treatment? Well, it’s important to understand what exactly cortisol does first. We’ve all heard of the “fight or flight” mechanism, right? Your adrenal glands are part of this mechanism and produce various hormones, including adrenaline and steroids like cortisol, in response to fear or stress. When it’s working properly, this healthy response takes priority over all metabolic functions, but it’s not made to last long.

Maybe you’ve heard something like this: it’s not stress itself that’s deadly, it’s actually the way you respond to stress that kills you. If you have not trained your mind and emotions to handle stressors in a healthy way, then your body will respond by releasing cortisol. Again, that’s not so bad if it happens every once in a while because that’s what your body is supposed to do in these exceptional circumstances. But what if you endure sustained stress? What does that look like? While this is by no means comprehensive, Psychology Today summed it up nicely: “Chronic stress and elevated cortisol levels also increase risk for depression, mental illness, and lower life expectancy. This week, two separate studies were published in Science linking elevated cortisol levels as a potential trigger for mental illness and decreased resilience—especially in adolescence.”

Constant Fighting and Flying

Most of us in Western societies experience constant stress. All of our technological advances haven’t freed our time. Rather, we have found new responsibilities with which to fill the void. Dr. Michele L. Neil-Sherwood, an osteopath with the Functional Medical Institute, explains that most of us are “over-worked, under-nourished, exposed to environmental toxins, worrying about others — with no let-up. Every challenge to the mind and body creates a demand on the adrenal glands. And the list of challenges is endless: lack of sleep, a demanding boss, the threat of losing your job, financial pressures, personality conflicts, yo-yo dieting, relationship turmoil, death or illness of a loved one, skipping meals, reliance on stimulants like caffeine and carbs, digestive problems, over-exercise, illness or infection, unresolved emotional issues from our past or present and more. The result is adrenal glands that are constantly on high alert.”

Is it any wonder that Dr. Neil-Sherwood has noticed that 99% of her patients suffer from impaired adrenal function? I dare say this is the case with most Americans. She adds, “Adrenal fatigue may be a factor in many related conditions, including fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, premature menopause and others. It may also produce a host of other unpleasant symptoms, from acne to hair loss.”


It is imperative to note that impaired adrenal function includes more than adrenal fatigue or exhaustion. For example, adrenal insufficiency is also called Addison’s Disease. Alternatively, prolonged exposure to cortisol, often due to medications, can lead to Cushing Syndrome. Both of these, however, are extreme conditions. So far, conventional Western medicine only detects damage incurred by such conditions. In fact, you may even feel miserable, but your doctor will probably tell you that your cortisol is fine according to the test results. Regardless, it’s important to get a full physical to rule out these conditions and any other factors that result in your fatigue, weight gain, depression, and so forth.

If you’re unsatisfied with the results from your traditional physician, you may wish to consider an osteopath or another healthcare practitioner that works with alternative or complementary medicine. While some extreme cases may need personalized care, Dr. Neil-Sherwood adds that the majority of her patients find substantial improvement by practicing the following:

  1. Dietary changes to enrich your nutrition and reduce carbohydrates and stimulants, including high-quality nutritional supplements and essential fatty acids. There’s even an Adrenal Fatigue Diet.
  2. Stress reduction, including moderate exercise and taking more time for yourself. It’s helpful to make a list of your stressors, especially those that are constant.
  3. Take up a yoga practice. The focus of the breath can be a significant shift in the autonomic nervous system. Yoga helps us shift from a state of fight or flight into a state of rest and relax.
  4. Get a massage or some form of therapeutic body work: Hands on therapeutic soft tissue work aids not only the release of muscular tension and pent up stress but can also shift the fight or flight response to one of rest and relax.
  5. Get more rest. Your body needs time to heal.

The preceding article is from and posted here for sharing purposes only. For additional information please visit their site.

“Searching for His Mate” by Ariel Marie #CoverReveal


“Searching For His Mate”

by Ariel Marie

For Stacia Sagona, it wasn’t easy being the personal assistant to the local bear clan alpha. He was grumpy, hard to work with and he just happened to be her older brother. Tardiness was a pet peeve of his but it was her specialty. What was meant to be a quick run to the bank before going into the office was anything but, thanks to the armed men who stormed into the bank with guns blazing.

A hostage situation at the local bank was just what SWAT Officer Izek Compano needed to keep his mind focused. Lately, he has felt such a disconnect from his bear that it has left him puzzled. A man should always be in sync with his bear. Each night his bear would demand to be let out so it could roam for hours in search of something. For what? Izek didn’t have a clue. The bank job revealed the culmination of his search, only to have her snatched from his grasp.

It’s a race against time to save the mate who his bear had apparently been searching for…

Releases November 14, 2017


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About Ariel Marie

Ariel Marie is an author who loves the paranormal, action and hot steamy romance. She combines all three in each and every one of her stories. For as long as she can remember, she has loved vampires, shifters and every creature you can think of. This even rolls over into her favorite movies! She love a good action packed thriller! Throw a touch of the supernatural world in it and she’s hooked!

She grew up in Cleveland, Ohio where she currently resides with her husband and three beautiful children.

Want to know more about her and her books? Stalk her below!