“Kathleen Kirkwood Collection #1: Romancing The Unexplained” by Kathleen Kirkwood

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“Kathleen Kirkwood Collection #1: Romancing The Unexplained

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Victorian

Release Date: September 8, 2012

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A widowed Victorian Lady: Drawn to Royal Sherringham upon her employer’s death, Vanessa Wynters finds herself caught up in the secrets of its turbulent past and those of its darkly handsome lord . . .

A mysterious Viscount: Twice wed and twice widowed, Adrian Marrable is implicated in both his wives’ untimely deaths. Now the golden beauty captivates his interest and he desires that she never leave . . .

Royal Sherringham: The ancient seat of the viscounts Marrable. As the family gathers after years apart, its unseen residents stir, revealing past secrets, shade upon shocking shade . . .


A Highland Chieftain: Recently freed from captivity in London Tower, Rae Mackinnon returns to the turbulent Highlands and claims his place as laird of Dunraven Castle. As he grapples with clan rivalries and divisiveness within his own family, he is confronted with a startling discovery — a beautiful woman from a distant future, delivered through the portals of Time and into his bed . . .

A Victorian Lady: Swept up in the summer social rounds, Julia Hargrove accompanies her aunt and cousins on an excursion to Scotland, to an ancient castle which has hosted no visitors for two decades — until now. Rumors abound of unusual occurrences at Dunraven Castle — occurrences that are centered in the bedchamber Julia now occupies, where a rugged Highland warrior materializes from the past . . .

Drawn irresistibly through the portals of Time: What mysteries does Dunraven hold? What secret opens the temporal door, allowing Julia and Rae to reach across the centuries to claim a few stolen moments and nurture a blossoming love? But how long can the rules of Time be broken before the door shuts forevermore?

What say you?

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