“The Vampire Touch 1: The Forsaken” by Sarah J. Stone and Ryan Boucher

#FREE August 31st Only!

“The Vampire Touch 1: The Forsaken

Genre: Paranormal/Suspense/Vampires

Release Date: August 27, 2017

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In the belly of the supernatural underworld, a young girl has become the latest victim of the mad vampire King, Daffyd Llanneli’s cruel intentions. A triumphant war between his kind and the old God’s is soon to break and he’s find the upper hand.

Mason, an ancient vampire and gun for hire, tasked to retrieve the ultimate weapon, the young girl, finds himself at two ends. Betray a well paying king or let a nation of God’s that the world has long forgotten perish.

Madison Mahoney, a young girl at the prime of her life, finds herself encapsulated in this battle that has been stirring for eons.

The final piece of the puzzle, a werewolf, a witch and a hybrid, ripped from the peacefulness of their reserved pack culture, to complete a ritual so vile.

A gripping tale of deceit, death and redemption between a criminal underground, the ones we used to worship and a young girl caught in the mix of it all.

What say you?

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