“The Complete Lindsey Lark Series: Box Set” by Cricket Rohman

99¢ at the time of posting!

“The Complete Lindsey Lark Series: Box Set

Genre: Women’s Fiction, Mystery & Suspense/Sagas

Release Date: June 30, 2017

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The Lindsey Lark Box Set includes WANTED: AN HONEST MAN (Book 1), LETTERS, LOVERS, & LIES (Book 2), and HIT THE ROAD, JAKE! (Book 3).
Romance, mystery, travel, and adventure, as well as unique characters, appear in every book. Lindsey, the beautiful, talented teacher runs from her turbulent past only to find unexpected danger in the present. But she never gives up hope for attaining success and finding true love. NEVER!

Jake, the handsome grad student, is involved in some tricky human research for his Ph.D. and gets into trouble in more ways than one. His inherent propensity to play detective, though helpful at times, seems to attract Murphy and his darned Law far too often. Now he’s got his eyes on Lindsey.

Then there’s the 180-pound mastiff, Wendell, who thinks he can solve the world’s problems. Sometimes, he does. He’s lovable, he’s loyal, and . . . he’s the teacher’s pet.

The pages abound with sinister challenges, inquisitive and humorous students, scenic locations, and less-than-perfect men. And a ‘just right’ amount of romance. A reviewer from BookViral once said, “If you thought being a teacher lacked excitement, then it’s time for a little re-education!”

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