“HACKED” by Jestine Spooner

#FREE August 28th Only!


Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense/Romance/Anthology

Release Date: August 22, 2017

Amazon KU

When I accepted a deal from the government and joined a classified group of cybercrime experts named Foxtrot, I had to leave my old life behind. Including the woman of my dreams. Years later, when news spreads of a group of hackers infiltrating the CIA, the case falls in my lap. Lo and behold, who’s doing the hacking but my ex-girlfriend and the man I once thought was my best friend.

Hacking gave me a comfortable, exciting life until Mom got sick. Moving home and paying her bills left me broke and desperate. Desperate people do things they know they shouldn’t. And now I can’t get out of it. When a stranger warns me to stop or else, I want to write it off until I find out just who did the warning. The only man I’ve ever loved. 

My job with Foxtrot is my lifeline. So what if I don’t like anybody else on the team? I didn’t join to make friends. When I get my first real case, the fact that personal contact with the client is forbidden sounds great to me. That’s before I start chatting with Harris — smart, funny Harris, who makes me reconsider the way I’ve shut myself off from the world. When things start heating up between us, I have a choice to make: keep away from him and follow the rules…or follow my heart. 

I was lucky to get a job with an international investment group after a run-in with the law years ago. When hackers compromise our network and cause a worldwide scandal, it’s all up to me to figure out who broke into the network. Pretty soon, I don’t know what I’m more interested in: the hackers who led to my life turning upside down, or the girl who was assigned to help me. The girl I can’t get out of my head no matter how hard I try. 

I’ve been watching her for so long, I feel like I know her personally. I know she thinks she’s a hotshot for heading up Foxtrot—and I know she’s heading for trouble. I wish she would listen.

I shouldn’t care. I should follow orders, the way I have my entire life, but something about her makes me think twice. Maybe it’s because I’ve never found evidence against her. Or maybe it’s the way her messages make me smile, make me think, keep me on my toes. Maybe it’s the way I spend too much time staring at her picture when I compose the warnings I send her way. It’s all going to come to a head soon. I wish I knew how to protect her when it does. 

When did everything become so complicated? Sure, working for Foxtrot was never ideal—I’ve lied to my fiancé more times than I can count—but I felt safe. I felt like I could build a decent life. Now, I don’t know who to trust or which set of lies to believe. 

What say you?

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