The Town of My Youth

This is wonderful, and a must-share! 😉

Jerry Brotherton

Wakenda, My Kind-a Town

Wakenda wasn’t much of a town. It was officially classified as a village but it was little more than a collection of buildings. In its heyday, we had about 50 houses, a grocery store, Don’s garage, one café, three churches, two grain elevators, the railroad tracks and a population of 150 if you counted the dogs and cats.

We didn’t have a building taller than two stories unless you counted the steeple on the Church. I know that there are towns in this world that have a fancy little hut on every corner where you can get the best mocha-choca-lotta-whata coffee that ten dollars can buy. Other towns have canyons of giant skyscrapers so tall the sunshine never touches the faces of the people on its crowded streets. There are Space Needles, Gateway Arches, buildings that look like castles or pyramids. Some places might have serene…

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