“Whipped (Hitched, Book 2)” by Alex Lux #Spotlight

For #ThrowbackThursday I’m sharing some of my favorite past reads WITH review!

Whipped cover

“Whipped (Hitched, Book 2)”

by Alex Lux (aka husband-wife team Karpov Kinrade)

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Release Date: February 2, 2015

Amazon ButtonSynopsis

A USA TODAY bestselling series!

She’s a former dominatrix who owns a sex toy store in Vegas. He’s an Australian male stripper who stars in the hottest show in town. When sparks fly between Vi and Lachlan, they can’t tell whether it’s hate… or fate. Only time will tell.

But that’s the one thing they might not have.

As Lach makes plans to leave stripping for good, his company offers him a chance for one last world tour and all the money he needs to fund his life dream—but it means saying goodbye to whatever might be with the sexy redhead who has stolen his heart.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… but what happens if you leave?

Whipped (Vi’s story) is a sexy, full-length, STANDALONE contemporary romantic comedy. Content Warning: This book contains sex, swearing… and did we mention sex? Lots of sex. And abs. And Australian accents.


Felicia’s Review

February 2, 2015

5/5 Stars!

What a Fun Ride!

Karpov Kinrade delivers another fast-paced, sexy, race for love with two people who have nothing in common. Or do they?

Vi Reynolds is a free spirited, professional Domme, currently not being a Domme. She’s sunk everything into Whipped, a sex shop in Vegas, that’s she’s determined to make a success with her business partner, Zoe.

Lachlan Pierce is a man on a mission. He’s a popular male dancer who’s ready to stop dancing, and fulfill his dream. A dream that takes more money than he currently has. He’s also a “player” AKA man-whore. In his defense, he never makes any promises to any woman, and the women he has sex with are also only in it for the sex. (I did say defense, right?)

Getting Whipped off the ground is costing Vi and Zoe a lot of money. Zoe lives with her boyfriend, Henry – a religiously conflicted nut-job she needs to drop like a bad transmission – but Vi lives alone and advertises for a roommate to cut her monthly expenses. Imagine her surprise (and his glee) when Lach, a regular customer of Whipped, shows up as Vi’s possible roommate candidate! Desperation and Lach’s huge wad of cash upfront, cause Vi make a decision that she’s sure to regret.

While Vi relents and accepts that Lach will flirt with her, she immediately removes the option of sex from the picture. A decision she hedges on in her mind, and regrets totally after she finds out Lach’s job – and sees him dance! The “dance” of the two of them trying to come to a meeting of the minds…and bodies…will make this a one-sitting read!

I applaud the authors for once again giving us a heroine who is strong, confident, and independent. Yes, she does know there is “something” missing in her life, but she’s unable to figure out what “it” is, or what sacrifices she’s willing to make to find “it”. There aren’t buckets of tears, no endless whining, and no one uses Vi as a doormat! We come to find out that Lach is not the total sleaze he’s first thought to be, and his dream will win you over entirely.

Karpov Kinrade really amped up the humor with Whipped. The paintball scene is just hilarious. The night at the male revue with Tate… hilarious. Lach meeting Vi’s parents… hilarious. (I had to stop reading twice because I was laughing so hard!)

You will love Vi’s parents. Zoe is a sweetie, Tate is… still Tate and Kacie and Sebastian from Hitched are on hand for support. Lach’s friends, Kevin and his mom, Mary, will tug at your heart.

Whipped will have you laughing on one page, and going, “Aww…” on the next. I highly recommend it!



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