“The Reluctant Hero” by Jackie Weger #Spotlight

For #ThrowbackThursday I’m sharing some of my favorite past reads WITH reviews!

“The Reluctant Hero”

by Jackie Weger

Genre: Romance/Humor

Release Date: January 17, 2014

Amazon KUCurrently 99¢

There are a few things Parnell Stillman is dead certain he will never do:
He’d never fall in love.
He’d never have kids.
He’d never be a hero.
His first and only love is flying.The struggle to keep his air cargo business solvent is challenge enough. Rebecca Hollis believes caring for others is the road to happiness. Tasked to shepherd five orphans on a flight to a conclave to meet prospective adoptive parents, she learns it takes much more. The plane is caught helpless in the grip of a storm that sends it plunging into a frozen wilderness. Rebecca determines she and the disagreeable pilot must work together to ensure the survival and rescue of the orphans. Parnell Stillman has other ideas. So do the orphans. Rescue means a return to foster homes and an uncaring welfare system. Or maybe not.

***This book has a newer cover. I prefer this one. Grumpy Parnell Stillman looks too happy on the other one! LOL!


Felicia’s Review

May 29, 2014

5/5 Stars!

Real Love Does Exist!

Sometimes we can get so caught up in the billionaires, alphas, vampires, shifters and rock stars, we forget that normal people fall in love too.

Parnell Stillman and Rebecca Hollis are two very damaged souls surviving in a world that barely acknowledges their existence. Beaten down by life’s cruelty and determined to not be “victims” ever again, they’ve both resigned themselves to a life of solitude. And it works…sort of.

Rebecca is housemother at an orphanage that is out of money and about to close its doors. Her sad life thus far makes her feel a kinship to her charges. The last five children are society’s throwaways – too old, too handicapped, too unstable – to be adopted and loved. In desperation, the orphanage owner – good ole’ Abigail – arranges for Rebecca to take the children to a large conclave in San Francisco with hopes the children will find families. Short on funds and unable to afford commercial flights, Abigail books the private plane of an old family friend. The business is now run by the man’s nephew, Parnell, who is way too cantankerous and grumpy for his years.

When Rebecca and Parnell meet, it’s like throwing gasoline on a smoldering fire. They instantly dislike each other, each reminding the other of all the bad that has ever happened in their lives. Despite their reservations, second thoughts…and bad weather, they do set out for San Francisco. While Parnell is confident in his abilities as a pilot, he finds the weather service didn’t stress the severity of the approaching storm, and he is forced to do a soft crash landing…with a woman and five children…during a storm…in the middle of nowhere.

Their arguing seemed endless. In a different story, it could have been annoying, but here it reminded me of the countless rejoinders between Bogart and Bacall or Tracy and Hepburn. They were quick, witty, and sometimes very cutting. In the beginning, I don’t believe they knew HOW to talk to each other…each so immersed in their own personal misery. But as time went on, I believe the snarkiness was the only defense they had against their growing feelings for each other. After loveless childhoods and marriages, both were afraid of being rejected and hurt again.

Surviving in the wilderness until help reached them demanded they work together. Parnell did things even he couldn’t believe he was doing to help them stay alive. Rebecca couldn’t seem to stop herself from caring for his welfare. As bad as they believed their lives to have been before the plane crash, being stranded totally broke them down emotionally and made them vulnerable – making them realize their biggest fear was not dying but losing a love that was within their grasp.

Their five charges, Molly, Yancy, Jonesy, Nicholas, and Santee (oh, and Scrappy) were just too precious! Loss and rejection have hardened them to life so early, but if you listen close enough, you still hear their hope.

In The Reluctant Hero, two imperfect people find their perfect love. You will enjoy the journey.


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