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Brilliant criminal defense attorney Mike Baldwin follows the highest ethical standards. In his career and his personal life.

Until a fascinating—and off-limits—woman named Dara Williams shows up and ignites a scorching passion that threatens Mike’s career and everything in its path.

Including Mike’s tenuous relationship with his brother. Who also wants Dara.

If you enjoy emotional and sexually charged love stories that end happily ever after, pick up this tale of forbidden love now!

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“The Reluctant Hero” by Jackie Weger #Spotlight

For #ThrowbackThursday I’m sharing some of my favorite past reads WITH reviews!

“The Reluctant Hero”

by Jackie Weger

Genre: Romance/Humor

Release Date: January 17, 2014

Amazon KUCurrently 99¢

There are a few things Parnell Stillman is dead certain he will never do:
He’d never fall in love.
He’d never have kids.
He’d never be a hero.
His first and only love is flying.The struggle to keep his air cargo business solvent is challenge enough. Rebecca Hollis believes caring for others is the road to happiness. Tasked to shepherd five orphans on a flight to a conclave to meet prospective adoptive parents, she learns it takes much more. The plane is caught helpless in the grip of a storm that sends it plunging into a frozen wilderness. Rebecca determines she and the disagreeable pilot must work together to ensure the survival and rescue of the orphans. Parnell Stillman has other ideas. So do the orphans. Rescue means a return to foster homes and an uncaring welfare system. Or maybe not.

***This book has a newer cover. I prefer this one. Grumpy Parnell Stillman looks too happy on the other one! LOL!


Felicia’s Review

May 29, 2014

5/5 Stars!

Real Love Does Exist!

Sometimes we can get so caught up in the billionaires, alphas, vampires, shifters and rock stars, we forget that normal people fall in love too.

Parnell Stillman and Rebecca Hollis are two very damaged souls surviving in a world that barely acknowledges their existence. Beaten down by life’s cruelty and determined to not be “victims” ever again, they’ve both resigned themselves to a life of solitude. And it works…sort of.

Rebecca is housemother at an orphanage that is out of money and about to close its doors. Her sad life thus far makes her feel a kinship to her charges. The last five children are society’s throwaways – too old, too handicapped, too unstable – to be adopted and loved. In desperation, the orphanage owner – good ole’ Abigail – arranges for Rebecca to take the children to a large conclave in San Francisco with hopes the children will find families. Short on funds and unable to afford commercial flights, Abigail books the private plane of an old family friend. The business is now run by the man’s nephew, Parnell, who is way too cantankerous and grumpy for his years.

When Rebecca and Parnell meet, it’s like throwing gasoline on a smoldering fire. They instantly dislike each other, each reminding the other of all the bad that has ever happened in their lives. Despite their reservations, second thoughts…and bad weather, they do set out for San Francisco. While Parnell is confident in his abilities as a pilot, he finds the weather service didn’t stress the severity of the approaching storm, and he is forced to do a soft crash landing…with a woman and five children…during a storm…in the middle of nowhere.

Their arguing seemed endless. In a different story, it could have been annoying, but here it reminded me of the countless rejoinders between Bogart and Bacall or Tracy and Hepburn. They were quick, witty, and sometimes very cutting. In the beginning, I don’t believe they knew HOW to talk to each other…each so immersed in their own personal misery. But as time went on, I believe the snarkiness was the only defense they had against their growing feelings for each other. After loveless childhoods and marriages, both were afraid of being rejected and hurt again.

Surviving in the wilderness until help reached them demanded they work together. Parnell did things even he couldn’t believe he was doing to help them stay alive. Rebecca couldn’t seem to stop herself from caring for his welfare. As bad as they believed their lives to have been before the plane crash, being stranded totally broke them down emotionally and made them vulnerable – making them realize their biggest fear was not dying but losing a love that was within their grasp.

Their five charges, Molly, Yancy, Jonesy, Nicholas, and Santee (oh, and Scrappy) were just too precious! Loss and rejection have hardened them to life so early, but if you listen close enough, you still hear their hope.

In The Reluctant Hero, two imperfect people find their perfect love. You will enjoy the journey.


“The Forbidden Man (Edge of Scandal)” by Elle Wright #Spotlight

For #ThrowbackThursday I’m sharing some of my favorite past reads WITH review!

“The Forbidden Man (Edge of Scandal)”

by Elle Wright

Genre: Women’s Fiction/African-American/Romance

Release Date: July 28, 2015

(Paperback Edition)

Amazon Button

In Love With the Wrong Man

Sydney Williams has forgiven her fiancé, Den, more times than she can count. But his latest betrayal just days before their wedding is too big to ignore. Shocking her friends and family, she calls off the engagement. She walks out on Den . . . and into the arms of his brother, Morgan.

Known as a player, Morgan Smith has secretly spent years fighting his feelings for Sydney. When Den’s latest dirty deed leaves Sydney devastated, Morgan can’t stop himself from coming to her rescue. What begins as friendship quickly escalates into all-consuming passion. Despite their intense connection, Sydney would rather deny her desire than come between brothers. But as Morgan is determined to make Sydney his, Den won’t give her up without a fight . . .


Felicia’s Review

September 23, 2015

5/5 Stars!

First-Rate Read!

Most people who know me know that I tend to read 2-5 books at a time – reading some of each book daily. Every couple of weeks, I come across THAT ONE BOOK that I start…and do not put it down…or even move until I’m finished. The Forbidden Man is one of those books.

The story begins with beautiful business professional, Sydney “Syd” Williams rushing through her wedding dress fitting. Life comes to a screeching halt when Syd receives THE CALL from Laney – Resident Skank and home-wrecker. For a short while, I felt bad for Syd. Days away from her wedding to Caden “Den” Smith, marrying the man she’s loved forever, (whether he deserved it or not) and all of a sudden her world falls apart.

My empathy quickly turns to apathy as each member of Syd’s small inner circle gets the news – and while they feel bad for Syd, NONE of them are upset over the turn of events. If the people that you love the most and would trust with your life believe you’ve dodged a bullet, doesn’t that go in the plus column? Not if you have Syd and Den’s rocky history. That inner circle, which included her brother, Jared, her girlfriends – Allina and Calista, Den’s brother, Morgan, and their adoptive brother, Kent, all seemed relieved the wedding was off but were also cautious because the couple had split up before because of Den’s indiscretions, and she always took him back. What is the definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? Syd was definitely in the insane zone. But, she seems resolute this time…she’s done. During her mini-meltdown days after calling off the wedding, she leans on Morgan for support and finds herself in a couple of intimate situations with him. While Syd felt guilty, being with Morgan felt “different” than anything she’d ever felt – even with Den – and she liked it.

As I got to know Sydney better, I wasn’t convinced that she was ever truly in love with Den. He was there for her during the most traumatic event of her life, and I believe familial love grew from it. He made her feel safe when she never thought she would again. It also felt more like obligation to me. Add to that, Den’s bipolar disorder, (and teenage alcoholism) and you end up with a woman with a man who had “righted” her world, and she wanted to do the same thing for him.

Den’s bipolar disorder. I had issues with him and his “illness”, and even more so with his friends and family. He was so coddled and catered to, it worked my nerves. His misbehavior had life-changing consequences for those who loved him the most, yet he was never expected to take full responsibility – nor did he. His trials and tribulations were always someone else’s fault. His family and friends knew he would act out – or act up – when the mood hit him. Everyone was SO worried about how Den would feel when he found out about Syd and Morgan, and I was like WHO CARES? LOL! There would be no “Syd and Morgan” if Den wasn’t such a jerk, so have a seat and shut it, sir! I’m not discounting the devastating effects bipolar disorder can have on an individual AND their family – I raised a bipolar son – but a bit of “tough love” could have ended SOME of the seemingly endless situations with Den – and ALL of the guilt. Being engaged to one family member and subsequently becoming involved with another is not ideal or the norm, but sometimes there are just extenuating circumstances – for me, this is one of those times.

Guilt leads everyone to make rash decisions, especially Morgan, who thinks walking away from Syd is the thing to do. I was throwing the book by this point – on the counter, on the sofa, across the bed. Thank God it was the paperback and not my Kindle! Every time I began to think things were sorted out, something else came along to raise my blood pressure!

The author does an amazing job of pulling the reader right in – almost as if the reader is IN the story. But, fortunately for Den…I wasn’t.

You cannot go wrong with this read. Clear your schedule, turn off your phone, and get ready for a rough ride.


“Beyond Love” by J.J. Lore #Spotlight

For #ThrowbackThursday I’m sharing some of my favorite past reads WITH review!

“Beyond Love”

by J.J. Lore

Genre: Science Fiction/Romantic Erotica

Release Date: April 21, 2016

Amazon Button

Every mining outpost needs a sheriff, and Eidan Cozad is just the Eleoni for the job. Newly arrived on planet with his deputy sister in tow, he faces corruption, hostility, and nearly continuous rain. A chance encounter with a defiant human postal worker adds yet one more complication to his mission.

Neat and tidy Teah Ruida thought when the Eleoni arrived and enforced some law and order, it would be easier for her to deliver her packages. Instead, she’s somehow become embroiled in spat after spat with the handsome and assertive Sheriff himself. Even though she doesn’t want to think about it, she’s become madly curious if the rumor about the strange markings Eleoni hide under their clothes is true.

Tension between Eidan and Teah ignites into passion that defies the barriers between their races. When there’s a violent ambush initiated by the settlement’s criminal organization, the future of their love hangs in the balance.


Felicia’s Review

June 8, 2016

5/5 Stars!

A Great Love Story!

For me, this story is about one thing – Love.

Love found.

Love recognized.

Love acknowledged.

Love fought for.

Love accepted.

But, of course, it isn’t that easy. From the very beginning, Teah Riuda and Eidan Cozad are at odds…because of the officious Eidan, who is more than a little upset over his new assignment as sheriff on Rusk, a ramshackle, unregulated mining planet where rain and mud are the norm. Once a respected and conscientious law enforcement officer on his home planet of Eleon, Eidan is suddenly transferred after being a little too good at his job…and naming fellow officers guilty of theft from items taken in as evidence.

Teah’s route to Rusk is more positive. Growing up in a group home on Earth with little to nothing, Teah takes the exam for Collective Service, passes, and is appointed postal officer on dreary Rusk, arriving only months before Rusk’s newest sheriff. Who, by the way, receives the appointment because the last sheriff was found dead…under suspicious circumstances.

As the Eleoni and human grudgingly adapt to a working relationship, life on Rusk goes on. The planet’s residents see no reason that their protection rackets, illegal brothels and betting parlors should cease to function simply because “there’s a new sheriff in town.” And, they’re not above kidnapping and attempted murder to prove their point. (Can’t we all just get along?)

Teah and Eidan awkwardly reach out to each other, but never at the same time. LOL! The scene where Teah visits Eidan’s home under the pretense of warning him of impending trouble with the planet’s rougher crowd, but he believes she’s there to have sex with him cracks me up! They are so NOT on the same page…or are they?

One of my biggest pet peeves with romance stories is the lack of verbal communication between the H/h. That is not the case here. Teah and Eidan DO talk to each other…the problem is they do not know HOW to talk to each other! Everything out of Eidan’s mouth sounds like a condemnation, and Teah usually takes it as a challenge. Even when they seem to be of one accord…they’re not. It’s awkward, a little painful, and yes, even funny to watch their stilted steps turn into a beautiful dance.

When these two realize they’re in love, they’re both so in shock at the thought, they say nothing. Love was not on their radar, much less with someone of a different SPECIES! Of course, this leads to a misunderstanding, which allows the Rusk ruffians to interfere with yet another dastardly plot. Can Teah and Eidan come through it unscathed…and alive?

This is such a well written story! The characters are so well developed and humanly flawed. (Sorry, Eidan!) The scenes where Eidan’s vulnerability breaks through his stern persona made my chest tighten! The world building is progressive. There’s no multi-page setup at the beginning. It’s flows though the story, and it isn’t confusing or distracting. By the time I finished chapter one, I had more than enough trust in the author to lead me through the journey.

My one stumbling point? Teah. (WE HAVE A RUNNER!) OMG! This woman rarely left a room calmly…and walking. Upset? Run! Angry? Run! Scared? Run! Sign this broad up for the Olympic 4×100 metre relay in Brazil! She was making me dizzy! But, she won me over and I forgave her after her steadfast devotion to Eidan during his recovery. Everything she did was secondary to being at his side. Then he messed it up! Men!

There are several supporting characters to the story, but Brita Cozad, Eidan’s sister, is the standout. She’s dealing with her own sense of loss, caused by following her brother to Rusk, but that doesn’t stop her from being a bright spot in the story. She’s open, direct, and humorous, and usually the wise voice of Eidan’s conscious. She would make a great heroine in her own story, especially since she’s not just Eidan’s older sister and deputy – she’s his bodyguard! What man/humanoid would be worthy of her? LOL!

In the end, there are no decades old secrets, villainous exes, long lost relatives, or a billionaire stepbrother anywhere in site. It’s just two “people” trying not to fall in love…and failing miserably.

I did not know of J.J. Lore before this book, but she’s definitely on my radar now. I was initially given an ARC-copy of Beyond Love in exchange for an honest review, but I knew I had to OWN this book, so I dashed over to AllRomance and snagged a copy. Grab a copy from your favorite retailer. This one’s a keeper and a definite re-read!


“Scars (Passion Shields Book 1)” by Kiru Taye #Spotlight

For #ThrowbackThursday I’m sharing some of my favorite past reads WITH review!

“Scars (Passion Shields Book 1)”

by Kiru Taye

Genre: African-American/Romance/BDSM/Erotic

Release: July 31, 2013Amazon Button

She clutches at control to cover her flaws.

He wants to strip her bare because she’s beautiful.

Selina Moss hides a secret beneath her controlled happy exterior. Her body is covered in scars and she’s never revealed them to anyone. She’s not beautiful and she doesn’t want pity.

However, it’s her wedding night and husband, Benjamin Moss, is determined to strip down her barriers.

Benjamin is not playing fair, not when he’s deploying breath-stealing seduction as well as mind-melting sex toys. But will he still want her when she bares all?

Be Warned: sex toys, spanking, bondage


Felicia’s Review

June 14, 2014

5/5 Stars!

Got My Attention!

If you don’t know the principles of BDSM (like me), it seems as if Selina has made a deal with the devil in the very beginning. Despite the pain, terror, and betrayal in her past that still haunts her daily, she agrees to a marriage of convenience – her submission in return for her new husband’s protection, and getting her brother safely out of Sierra Leone and to the UK.

In the beginning…Selina seems weak and whiny. But as her story unfolds, you realize how strong she really is. Too strong for her own good. She’s an educated woman who wears a mask every day in her job as a pharmacist. No one knows the pain she hides or the cruelties she’s suffered. She allows no one to get close.

No one at least, until Ben. His dominance, quiet strength, and compassion quickly get her attention. He knows she’s suffering and is determined to peel away her layers and “free” her. His methods may not be conventional, but they have their own attraction…and positive effect.

The couple needs to build trust. Selina wants to trust him, but can she? The last time she trusted a man, it cost her dearly.

I highly recommend “Scars”.


“Hoodoo Money (The Stolen Nickel Series Book 1)” by Sharon Cupp Pennington

For #ThrowbackThursday I’m sharing some of my favorite past reads WITH review!

“Hoodoo Money (The Stolen Nickel Series Book 1)”

by Sharon Cupp Pennington

Genre: Suspense/Love & Romance

Release Date: September 21, 2013

Amazon KUAfter her almost-wedding to a bigamist, successful children’s author Braeden McKay has given up on love. She’s content to live vicariously through her imaginary heroine, Platypus Pearl, and a gaggle of adventurous, web-footed cohorts – until a working vacation in New Orleans shakes up her quiet, structured world. Had she known that souvenir nickel stolen from the grave of a hoodoo woman would catapult her into a nightmare of betrayal and murder, she would have insisted her friend put it back. Cursed nickel or unfortunate happenstance? Sanderson Montgomery isn’t one to discount the supernatural beliefs of others. This is the Big Easy, after all, Mecca to the spiritual and the superstitious. As a veteran detective, neither does he ignore cold, hard fact. And the fact is, someone or something is bent on harming Braeden McKay, and it’s up to him to protect her while keeping his heart out of the mix. Can love, the very thing Braeden wants no part of, be the one force greater than any adversary – even a hoodoo curse?


Felicia’s Review

July 31, 2014

5/5 Stars!

Wow! Hang on – what a ride!

Elements of the thriller, suspense, intrigue & romance can ALL be found in Sharon Cupp Pennington’s Hoodoo Money! You’ll find it hard to put down!

Horrific crimes from the past are linked to Braeden McKay – and she doesn’t even know it. An author of children’s books, Braeden is on a photo shoot in New Orleans with lifelong friend and model, Angeline St. Cyr, when troubles get up close and personal. On the whole, I didn’t like either woman. To ME, both seemed stuck in permanent denial and didn’t mind it at all. Past hurts from love and family had made them both obstinate, IMHO…and I do understand how that happens. Their characters were perfect for the story. But, if they were real people, we would not be friends! LOL!

On the other hand, NOLA Detective Sanderson Montgomery and former teacher, Charlie Cooper were quite likable. Even with the nightmare from his past always on his mind, Charlie is making every effort to be open to something new. Unfortunately, this will lead him to more pain and heartbreak…and a mini meltdown.

Bodies start dropping from the beginning. Secrets come to light. Hearts are opened…and rejected. But it isn’t until the danger gets up close and personal and stays there that the pieces…and the whole story start to come together. I know I was clueless…until Braeden saw the name on the poster – and then the light bulb popped on. However, I STILL wasn’t prepared for the aftermath/outcome.

I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review, but moments after completing it, I purchased book 2 – “Mangroves and Monsters” because I HAVE TO KNOW where this story is going. It’s just that good!


“Taste for Love (The Wilkersons Book 3)” by Tia Kelly

For #ThrowbackThursday I’m sharing some of my favorite past reads WITH review!

“Taste for Love (The Wilkersons Book 3)”

by Tia Kelly

Genre: Women’s Fiction/African-American

Release Date: April 8, 2014

Amazon Button

Rochelle “Shelly” Gauthier is no stranger to loss. Hurricane Katrina taught her that in the blink of an eye, you can lose everything and everyone who matters most to you. So being cast out of the Wilkerson clan for betraying her cousin Kenneth, his fiancée Paige and their best friend Carlos only resulted in her being exactly how she always knew she would wind up anyway: alone.

Carlos Ortiz, on the other hand, is alone by choice. Or so he tells himself. When Shelly makes an unexpected request for help from the Wilkersons, Carlos recalls a time when fate put him in a position where he had no choice but to accept Shelly’s assistance.

Now he must decide whether what he feels for her is a sense of obligation, or something else.


Felicia’s Review

April 19, 2014

5/5 Stars!


I read TFL in one evening. After I finished, I immediately went back and re-read the last 40 pages. Then I just sat there – it wasn’t at all what I expected. It was BETTER.

Rochelle Gauthier messed up bad. Her dealings with Trent and leaks to the media have landed her outside of the Wilkerson family…and totally alone. Damaged, but determined, Shelly regroups and focuses on her lifelong dream. She reaches out to Lourdes for help with capital for her new cafe. Lourdes, in turn, approaches her sons with the request that they vehemently refuse. However, having seen a different side of Shelly during a tense situation involving Melody, Carlos relents and agrees to be the point-man for the group and oversee the venture.

It is the beginning of everything.

The beauty of the story is watching the relationship between Shelly and Carlos form, change and grow. They each have to confront the demons of the past and make peace with it, and while it’s not easy, they accomplish it in their own way, but they’re never far away from each other when they do.

Carlos, Carlos, Carlos. Seeing him lose it when Melody got hurt was surprising…but nice. The vulnerability was a great touch. And it’s impossible to miss the fact that he noticed how in control Shelly was. He’d always known she was tough. Watching him go from tolerance to acceptance, to love…WHEW! *Fanning* I like my Alphas strong and commanding, but not every woman wants (or needs) to be clubbed over the head and dragged by the hair into the cave. She just might be the one with the club. Love worked him over and he never saw it coming. And OH-EM-GEE – he cut his hair! I remember when my husband cut his hair – I was like, “HA! HA! Gotcha now!”

Shelly was amazing. Her back story defined her and made it easier to understand her. Life had been so cruel to her, she tried to keep her defenses up to keep from letting anyone in. It brought to mind a line from Angels in the Outfield when George Knox (Danny Glover) tells JP, “You can’t go through life thinking everyone you meet will one day let you down.” She believed that no matter how much anyone professed to care about her, they would walk away. Carlos kept coming back. I don’t even believe they were aware how much they were changing each other…and for each other, but Carlos realized it first.

Loved seeing the Wilkerson’s take the steps to heal old hurts, move forward and just LIVE. Jeremy…whoa! Where did that attitude come from? Melody pulling out the ear devices and turning her back? Priceless! KW and Paige are making progress as a couple, Paige has taken great strides as a woman, and who knew she could be a BFF to Shelly??? Didn’t see that coming!

My one issue with the story? IT ENDED TOO SOON! I WASN’T READY! *sighs*

Reading a Tia Kelly novel isn’t entertainment, it’s an investment of trust. We’re trusting the author to lead us on a journey where we have as much to lose as the book’s protagonists. We’re trusting her to bring us all through…a little worn…a lot weary, but unscathed and whole – pumping our fists in the air screaming, “YES!”

So far, so good.



“Death Knows My Name” by Casse Narome #Spotlight

For #ThrowbackThursday I’m sharing some of my favorite past reads WITH review!

“Death Knows my Name”

by Casse Narome

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Release Date: July 16, 2013

Amazon KU

MAYNE ST LECLAIR has spent her adult life closed off emotionally from the world around her. She learned very early on that those who get close to her end up dead. She knows she is cursed, but what she doesn’t know is why.

ECTAIN “ERIC” EDECK knows the pain he has caused Mayne but the connection is undeniable. Can Mayne get past the hurt and fall in love or has her heart been broken too many times?

Is death playing some sort of cruel joke on Mayne St LeClair or is watching her suffer breaking Death’s heart?


Felicia’s Review

March 22, 2014

5/5 Stars!

Still in Awe!

Wow…just Wow!

Paranormal isn’t usually my style. I’ve stepped outside of my comfort zone at the urging of others and was pleasantly surprised. Not even sure how I stumbled upon “Death Knows My Name”, but it was a banner day when I did!

Mayne St LeClair feels cursed. Everyone she loves or gets close to dies. Her only friend, Devon DeMonte, shares her loss literally and figuratively. Ectain “Eric” Edeck can no longer watch Mayne hide away and suffer – feeling as though she is responsible for so much death, and finally appears to her. I say “appears” because Eric is Death…literally.

This is where my black and white mind would say, “Oooookay!” and close the book. But, I kept reading, and I was drawn in further and further by the biblical references/inferences. As the granddaughter of a minister, things I heard, read and discussed for much of my life were woven into the fabric of this tale. Angels, Arch-angels, celestial beings, wars in Heaven – It was amazing!

My one issue with the book – the ending left my mind wide open. Still not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but I’m positive I would love to see this continued and hope it’s soon!

I highly recommend this book! Kudos to Casse Narome!


“Letters to my Wife” by Terry Dean #Spotlight

For #ThrowbackThursday I’m sharing some of my favorite past reads WITH review!

“Letters to my Wife”

by Terry Dean

Genre: Literature & Fiction/Family Life

Release Date: July 1, 2012

Amazon KUPublisher review:

This is a little book that delivers a gigantic wallop! The story is told in a way that touches readers at every level. It’s funny and sad, but so very poignant… telling a family’s story. You’re immediately drawn into Kevin Clarke’s life, how he fell in love and how he made relationships work. This novel – this story – is simply magnificent with its many twists and turns. As Kevin “talks” to his wife via a blog, the world starts noticing. It’s life in a tumultuous nutshell. Quite frankly, it’s a story that will stay with you for years to come.

Book synopsis:

Kevin Clarke is telling his story, his way. He’s writing love letters to the only woman he’s ever loved – his wife. He posts the stories on a blog, hoping she might read them. Little does he know, the neighbors across the street are reading the letters, as is the cop who took him into custody one night. In fact, most of the world is reading the private stories Kevin is telling through his letters to his wife. But while the blog is anonymous, Kevin slips up and the world discovers him. What happens after that is a love story for the ages.


Felicia’s Review

February 3, 2013

5/5 Stars!

This story touches you and stays with you!

*WARNING: Grab the tissues… lots of them!

It’s been over two months since I completed this book…the first time. I have re-read it twice and still go back to read parts that really touched me.

The whispering! OMG, I loved the whispering!

I cannot remember when a book affected me as much as this one has. I could feel Kevin’s loss – he’d loved Ellie his whole life and wasn’t prepared for life without her. I could feel his regret – he’d taken his family for granted, not being there when he was truly needed because he allowed the job to rule his life. I had issues with his children’s reluctance to reach out to him as they all mourned Ellie’s passing, but eventually came to understand the “distance” between them. I cheered for all of them as they slowly broke down the barriers to become a family again. (And Paul is a gem!)

It’s sad that Kevin ends the letters – they grow on you – but it’s his step from mourning and dwelling on the past, to enjoying the memories and living for the future.

I wasn’t ready for the ending…I never am. I want to continue on with Kevin in his journey, but he has a different path to take, but at least he won’t be alone.

Terry Dean has crafted a work of art in “Letters to my Wife”, and it is definitely a must-read…for men and women. The letters will make you remember meeting and falling in love with your spouse…and you’ll fall in love with the letters.



Terry Dean wrote a companion piece to Letters to my WifeLetters to my Friends. Same rules apply… about the tissues!

“Letters to my Friends”

by Terry Dean

Genre: Literature & Fiction/Family Life

Release Date: June 15, 2013

Amazon ButtonSynopsis

I won’t add the blurb here – there are spoilers in it! You’re on your own!


Felicia’s Review

June 30, 2013

5/5 Stars!


I have now read two perfect books in my life…both written by Terry Dean. Letters to My Friends is a perfect conclusion to Letters to My Wife – perhaps a little too perfect.

We met Kevin Clarke in LTMW, and we spent the entire book getting to know him and some of the dynamics of his relationships, especially with his wife. We come to understand the fractured relationships of the Clarke family…as they’re being mended, but we never see how well Kevin knew his neighbors or how deeply he affected them until LTMF.

Terry Dean not only brings Kevin’s friends fully into the story, he masterfully gives the reader their backstory and insight into who they are. Long before the story ends, you’re rooting for Sam and Sharon; you can feel Blake and Cari’s pain – and you wonder why anyone puts up with Julie, especially Clay. I was really afraid for Amy, and Nathan was truly starting to annoy me…until I understood why. Wish we had met his wife – she sounded like a jewel. I love Jimmy Mackler! His wise words on people being placed into your life for a reason foreshadowed the key role he would have. Wish I could have seen the video Blake made that morning! Timmy was new to the story, but very important as he was able to supply more details from the day Kevin was shot. And Diogi..OMG! For someone who doesn’t consider herself a “dog person”, this dog grabbed my heart and didn’t let go.

So, I say Mr. Dean’s sequel is almost too perfect…because Kevin’s friends and family have become MY friends and family. And I would like to hear from them and know how they’re doing. I’d like to be there for the birth of both babies, see Julie and Chelsea spend time together, and watch Sam woo Sharon. Are there any more letters? Probably not, but this story will always be with me.

I highly recommend it!