“Any Blooming Thing: A Multicultural Romantic Comedy Series” by Marisa Logan

99¢ at the time of posting!

“Any Blooming Thing: A Multicultural Romantic Comedy Series”

Genre: Romance/Multicultural/Clean

Release Date: June 18, 2017

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A five-part romantic comedy series of novellas with several bonus stories included for your enjoyment

Book 1: Any Blooming Thing
Jessica and Chleo met in high school over 10 years ago, and now the best friends have created their perfect jobs working together at their flower shop called Any Blooming Thing.

One day Jessica and Chleo notice a tall blonde man walk past the store window. Although they only see him from behind, something about him seems very familiar. Is it possible that they know him from the past?

Book 2: Wherever Love Takes Me
You might think Chleo Antonia Matthews has it all. She’s beautiful, smart, hilarious, with skin the color of rich coffee, and the friendliest face.

She’s also the successful young co-owner of Any Blooming Thing, a flower shop in the city.

When she catches the bouquet at her best friend’s wedding she realizes that something is missing. She has no one to share her life with. That is, until shop manager Pete convinces her to take a little ragamuffin with bright yellow eyes.

Book 3: Crazy Sweet Love
Arjun Vaswani and Chleo Matthews have properly established their relationship and it’s time to set some ground rules. Rule number one: There are no rules.

They spend their time helping each other fulfill their adventurous dreams while crossing off things from their joint bucket list. According to Chleo, their relationship is virtually perfect.

There’s just one problem: Chleo is afraid of what could happen given her past relationships. She’s not ready to take their relationship to the next level yet.

When Chleo figures out just how much Arjun means to her, he drops a bomb. Could this new development drive a wedge between them?

Book 4: Trusting Your Heart
Science teacher, Stanley March, is intelligent, kind, and extremely shy. He’s not the type to steal someone else’s thunder. But the assistant principal encourages him to make some thunder of his own.

Helena McCoy is a wild and beautiful art teacher with pink-flecked hair and a playful personality who’s popular with her students.

When Stanley saves Helena from being asked out by a self-absorbed boor, he misinterprets her playful response for an invitation to go on a date.

Will there be enough chemistry to bring these two opposites together?

Book 5: The Wedding Dilemma
Stanley and Helena have decided to tie the knot. Helena has asked Jessica and Chleo to do the floral design for the wedding.

Each couple has their own complications to deal with in the fifth and final story in the Any Blooming Thing series.

The Any Blooming Thing series is light and breezy, filled with heartwarming fun, and will leave you with many happy endings. Download now to enter this sweet flower shop in the city!

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