“HOTSHOT BROTHERS: Coyote Shifters” by Sabrina Hunt

99¢ at time of posting!


“HOTSHOT BROTHERS: Coyote Shifters

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Release Date: July 16, 2017

One dark, dangerous night during a wildfire in the northern mountains of Montana, five men stumbled into a world of secrets and shadows. Forged in fire and blood, their brotherhood has passed many a test. But the hardest have yet to come.

Book One – Coyote Moon
Hazel never forgot the boy who appeared in her boss’s office one night at twilight, seeking help, and then asking strange questions. While he seems not to know her, she can’t help but wonder, why? Is he pretending? Or did he forget? And what is the secret that he seems so desperate to hide from her? Why does she feel that it somehow involves her, even though she’s only met him once before?

Book Two – Coyote Whisper
When the Hotshot Brothers and Hazel wind up in a small town in northern Arizona – they’re hot on the trail of the Crooked Man. Yet, something about the town is off. Very off. Residents are disappearing, new ones are showing up, and no one seems to know what is going on. Everyone’s spooked, but no one’s talking and the Sheriff hasn’t been seen in days…

Book Three – Coyote Storm
When Burr wakes up with the worst hangover of his life – he has no idea where he is. Or how he broke his foot. Or why he’s currently stuck in his coyote form. Or in a cage. In the dead of winter, the Hotshot Brothers had traveled north to Alaska to honor a comrade who has passed. Burr remembers that much. Now he has no idea how much time has passed, why he can’t shift back to a man, or why, of all people, he somehow wound up in the care of the one veterinarian who has no love for him. Willow White-Eagle.

Book Four – Coyote Legend
Cree and Rayner find themselves being grilled by a pretty young blonde reporter, Sky Hess. Not only is Sky Rayner’s half-sister, but someone who he has tried to be as far away as possible from the Hotshot Brothers. Then, Rayner takes off, claiming he needs to follow a lead alone while ordering Cree to keep an eye on his sister and his mouth shut. However, everyone knows Cree has never been very good at keeping secrets.

Book Five – Coyote Inferno

“And the mountains will burn…”

As Spring wanes into Summer, the Hotshots only need a bit more time – the Summer Solstice approaches with a full moon – and their time will come. Victory is in hand. Until one morning, one by one, Rayner’s four friends fall ill. Now death lurks.

The Skinwalker sends a message. Give him the Moonstone and or the four will die. Faced with an impossible choice, Rayner is forced to set out to try and find the one person who might have the answers he needs. If he can find her and persuade her, that is.

What say you?

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