“The Loneliest Robot” by Andrew Glennon

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The Loneliest Robot cover

“The Loneliest Robot

Genre: Social & Family Issues/Coming of Age/Emotions & Feelings

Release Date: May 10, 2017

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At last, a tale of self-discovery for the fast-moving modern age that reminds us all to stay HUMAN!

A lonely boy discovers an incredible Robot in his garden shed. A silent and highly gifted girl chooses to be alone in her attic bedroom. The richest man in the world mysteriously disappears.

It all waits to be discovered in THE LONELIEST ROBOT, a brilliant new novel for the modern age which features original illustrations from acclaimed robot artist, Matt Dixon.

Join a group of unlikely best friends, on a journey of self-discovery as they all transform through life. We can get so lost; we can forget what it’s truly like to feel HUMAN. Many things distract us all – smartphones, buying more and more stuff, technology, TV, everyone working longer and harder…. It’s so easy to get lost in modern life.

An imaginative new book for teens, young adults and anyone with a human heart, which explores and challenges modern life. A thought-provoking dark comedy – this uplifting tale is told with warmth and humour, making it highly digestible for young and curious minds. Also highly suitable for adult readers (especially frustrated parents of technology-addicted children!).

Andrew Glennon was born in Liverpool, UK.
For almost 30 years he worked around the world for large multi-national companies before deciding to burn the business suit, shirt, and tie. His first book, “The Loneliest Robot” was released in 2017 and is a highly original and imaginative work of fiction which challenges modern life and technology.

Andrew likes music, great movies, and interesting people.
Andrew dislikes robotic people, greed, margarine and rap music.
Visit http://www.theloneliestrobot.com

Music and Writing

Hum along with me! 😉 😀

Story Empire

Hi, SE Readers, Joan here today. I love music (and of course writing), so today’s post is about how music can inspire stories and invoke memories. So without further ado…

Music has always been a big part of my life. From my earliest recollections, there was always music in our home. My mother told me she kept a radio playing in my room when I was an infant. Because my brother is twelve years older and he is also a big music fan, so at a young age, I became interested in the music of the sixties.

I was a teenager in the seventies, so the music of that era is probably my favorite, although some songs are best left there. And while I enjoy a variety of music, Classic Rock is my favorite. The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Heart, Jefferson Starship, and of course The Beatles are among my favorite…

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“Kill Shot – An Abram Kinkaid Thriller” by Cameron Blake

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Kill Shot cover

“Kill Shot – An Abram Kinkaid Thriller

Genre: Thriller/Suspense/Espionage

Release Date: July 28, 2017

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When ex-Navy SEAL Abram Kinkaid is recruited to assassinate the Prime Minister of Canada by a rogue outfit that claims to have the United States’ best interests in mind, the demons of his past quickly return to haunt him. Caught between the past and the present, truth and lies, death or life, Abram must make a choice. Refuse and risk death, or assassinate the Prime Minister and embrace the darkness within.

The veil between reality and fantasy quickly blurs as Abram is thrust into a world of espionage and murder, where terrorists are merely mercenaries for hire. Will killing the Prime Minister set him free of his past, or only serve to enslave him further to the very corruption he’s sworn to destroy?

“Small Town Romance Collection: Four Complete Romances & A New Novella” by Carolyn Brown

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Small Town Romance Collection cover

“Small Town Romance Collection: Four Complete Romances & A New Novella

Genre: Romance/Anthology/Women’s Fiction

Release Date: February 14, 2017

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Readers of New York Times bestselling author Carolyn Brown will love this collection of vintage romances plus a brand new novella—all with secrets to uncover and with love to be found!

Honky Tonk Angel
Angel Conrad’s secrets ran deep and even though she’d made a successful life for herself, she’s never gotten over that pain.

Red River Deep
Tracey has a secret and bittersweet memories that she keeps close to her heart. Maybe a brand new start in a brand new town would help erase the memories.

An Old Love’s Shadow
Mercy thought that what happened in Mexico was supposed to stay in Mexico but the secret followed her home to Oklahoma.

Bride for a Day
Cassie was on the run with a sheriff coming right at her and a handsome farmer close enough that she could touch him. Then she was married at least for a day—and his family wanted to know all her secrets.

The Third Wish
Jessica certainly had no desire to get involved with anyone once she’d found out the secret in her background, especially not the arrogant Rocky Rycroft.

A collection that all Carolyn Brown fans will be sure to enjoy!

New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling author, Carolyn Brown has sold almost three million copies of her novels and presently writes both women’s fiction and cowboy romance. She has also written historical single title, historical series, contemporary single title and contemporary series. She lives in southern Oklahoma with her husband, a former English teacher, who is not allowed to read her books until they are published. They have three children and enough grandchildren to keep them young. For a complete listing of her books (series in order) check out her website at http://www.carolynbrownbooks.com

“Knights of Stone: Mason: (A Scottish Gargoyle and Witch Romance) (Highland Gargoyles Book 1)” by Lisa Carlisle

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Knights of Stone cover

                   Knights of Stone: Mason: (a Scottish gargoyle and witch romance)                  (Highland Gargoyles Book 1)

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Release Date: October 17, 2014

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A Romance Reads Top Pick!

Few have ever dared to cross the boundaries–until now…
With a quarter century of burning hatred between the inhabitants of the Isle of Stone, Kayla knows all too well it is forbidden to cross boundaries. But that doesn’t keep her from being sorely tempted.

Drawn to discover the secrets beyond the tree witches’ forest, Kayla is intrigued by the talk of unconventional rock concerts in gargoyle territory.

But when she risks everything to sneak away from the coven, she never expects to return night after night, not just for the music, but for one particular gargoyle who captured her heart with his guitar.

Nor did she expect that her attention had not gone unnoticed…

With plans to seduce the pixie-like female, Mason spent several nights keeping a watchful eye on his prize, unaware she’s not just a passing visitor. But when he discovers she’s a tree witch, an enemy to his entire kind, Mason knows that anything between them would be forbidden. No matter how strong the temptation…

But other elements command their attention.

Something much more dangerous haunts the wolf shifters of the isle….

With the magic veil thinning there will be blood… and the full moon is coming.

Knights of Stone: Mason is the first book in a shifter paranormal romance series with a Highland touch and a hard hit of rock romance. If you like hot men in kilts, dark paranormal thrills, and forbidden love, then you’ll be hooked by the Highland Gargoyles Series!

Lisa Carlisle is a USA Today Bestselling author of romance and suspense. She loves stories with dark, brooding heroes and independent, caring heroines. Lisa feels very honored to be a multi-published author since she’s wanted to write since the sixth grade. Her travels have provided her with inspiration for various settings in her novels. She backpacked alone through Europe and lived in Paris before returning to the U.S. Now she lives in New England with her husband, two children, a cat, and many fish.

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“A Secret of the Heart (Amish Secrets #3)” by J.E.B. Spredemann

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Secret of the Heart cover

“A Secret of the Heart (Amish Secrets #3)

Genre: Amish/Inspirational/Romance

Release Date: September 15, 2014

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How much would you be willing to sacrifice for the one you love?

Lillianna Zook and Thomas Girod had been secret friends throughout most of their Amish childhood, but they part ways when Lillianna’s family moves to a district in another state. She fears their friendship has been lost forever until a chance encounter brings them in contact once again. Lillianna learns that Thomas needs money – a lot of it – and it’s a matter of life and death. Lillianna is willing to do anything she can to help Thomas, so when an opportunity arises where she can make a lot of money in a short time, she doesn’t hesitate. But will her sacrifice be worth the trials this new opportunity presents?


“Blood Money (Bad Money Series Book 1)” by Nicole York 18+

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Blood Money cover

“Blood Money (Bad Money Series Book 1)

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: June 1, 2015

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Full Novel. Complete First Story, but there is a CLIFFHANGER leading into Dirty Money.

Book 1 in a 4 book series. All books are available.

** 18+ – Language and sexual content

Kate Jarrett has been around the block a few times, her life nothing more than a trail of failures. After her father dies she inherits the family bar, a place where she’s accepted for who she is and loved for who she’s not. Due to the location of her new establishment, a few friends from her past make themselves welcomed and death shows up at her door.

Jon Peterson is a seasoned officer for the NYPD, his record clean and eyes set on being the youngest captain in the history of the force. When his little brother Adam turns up dead at a bar in the seedy side of town, Jon’s focus shifts. Is Kate involved in what happened to Adam or a pawn in a much larger game? Not interested in drama and hell-bent on justice mixed with revenge, Jon finds the one thing he never wanted – love.

“Forced Compliance (The Galactic Outlaws Book 1)” by Bradford Bates

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Forced Compliance cover

“Forced Compliance (The Galactic Outlaws Book 1)

Genre: Science Fiction/Dark Fantasy/Galactic Empire

Release Date: February 6, 2017

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Vampires had been extinct for thousands of years, or so we thought.

Captain Drake was the kind of smuggler that would take any job that needed to be done. That was as long as you had the credits and didn’t mess with his crew. Now one of those very crew members had been taken, and Drake would stop at nothing to find her.

Samantha Ripley only wanted one thing, she wanted to get off Hyperion Four. For the last four years, she had dedicated herself to nothing but flight school. Her graduation was so close she could almost taste it. A chance encounter as she finished her shift at the diner was going to change everything.

The two of them were separated by a universe of stars, but their lives would intersect like two colliding comets, and the results would shape the future of the verse itself.

When Firefly meets Underworld a new legacy is born.

Bradford Bates is a full-time author, husband to an incredible wife, and father to three furry rescue dogs. He lives in sunny Phoenix Arizona, trying not to melt in the oppressive heat of the summer. When he isn’t busy writing the next book, you can find him playing video games, and watching scary movies.


Don’t Use Exclamation Points in Your Writing!!!

Do you overuse exclamation points? 😕

Author Don Massenzio

This post was inspired by the book, Nabokov’s Favorite Word Is Mauve, by Ben Blatt. This book applies numbers and statistics to some of the age-old adages about writing that we have all been told numerous times. Last week, I posted on the topic of adverb usage.

Exclamation points are the bane of some writers. In his book 10 Rules of Writing, Elmore Leonard states his rule of thumb on exclamation points. “You are allowed no more then two or three per 100,000 words of prose.”

So, just like with Stephen King and his adverb ratio, Blatt sets out to see if Leonard and other renowned writers subscribe to this rule. He starts by analyzing Leonard’s 45 novels which total 3.4 million words. His rule would have resulted in the use of 102 exclamation points in his writing over his career. His actual number was 1,651 which…

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Author Spotlight: Barbara M Webb

~ Book Feature ~

Pick up Barbara M. Webb’s latest book, True to Herself, for 99¢ during a limited Amazon promotion!


True to Herself coverThe year is 1985. The first British mobile phone call has been made, and the first debate in the House of Lords has been televised.

What brings four women together in West Gidding a village near London? Scarlett Hughes is a sexy, dark-haired teacher who was a Bluebell dancer in Paris in her youth; Zara James, an eccentric art gallery owner, who escaped from what was known as Yugoslavia, harbours a secret; Felicity Green, a talented water colourist, refuses to have children in order to carve out a place for herself in a male-dominated art world; and then there is Moira Capaldi, formerly an international air hostess, who comes all the way from Sydney, Australia.

Resigning from an established career in education, vacating her marital Sydney apartment overlooking the Pacific Ocean and abandoning her wayward husband, Guido, Moira Capaldi arrives in West Gidding to follow her passion for art and develop her painting skills.

Instead, the neatly devised plans are disrupted when romance unexpectedly seeks her out on the Greek island of Leros, and Australia lures her back for a short visit with devastating consequences.

Does Moira need to address the demons of her past before she can embrace any happiness in the present?

“True to Herself”

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense/Psychological/Cultural Heritage

Release Date: March 14, 2017

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Barbara M Webb
Image from Author

I graduated from Queensland University, with an English major. After graduating, I worked for Qantas as an airhostess before teaching English for many years.

I lived in 7 of the 50 countries I have visited. These days I live between Quito in Ecuador and Cornwall in the UK. I speak 3 languages.

Writing has always been part of my life but only recently have I published three books. I enjoy rug making, living in new cultures, and gardening. I love going to the theatre, concerts, and films. I no longer dance the tango: instead, I watch it with pleasure.

~ Links ~

Webpage – Cornwall2theandes

Award Recipient from the Dublin Writers’ Conference 2016

Also from Barbara M. Webb

~ Nonfiction ~

Under the Skin of a Foreign Country cover

Following the death of her husband from cancer, Barbara Webb set off alone to make a new life for herself in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, 2,800 metres above sea level. In ‘South America: A New Rhythm to Life’, she describes how she adapted not just to the altitude but to a new language and a new culture.

The experience gave her the confidence to explore other places in South America, and the book charts her travels to Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile.

‘South America: A New Rhythm to Life’ takes up where Barbara left off in ‘From Cornwall to the Andes’, which recounts her experiences of caring for her terminally ill husband.

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How do you cope with a terminal diagnosis for your husband?Mving from Grief in Cornwall cover

Grief affects us all; the only thing that’s different is how we deal with it to empower ourselves.
In “From Cornwall to the Andes”, Barbara Webb recounts her experiences of caring for her terminally ill husband in Cornwall and, after his death, dealing with the pain of his loss. In this poignant memoir, Barbara takes us on an emotional journey from grief to self-fulfilment.
At the same time, we travel with her from Cornwall to Ecuador where she worked as a volunteer at the Teatro Bolivar, in Quito for several years. From there she went to Argentina, Colombia, Peru, and Chile. Through her travels in South America, she finds a new rhythm to life.
This true story is interspersed with accounts of some of her other travels, as she has visited 50 countries and lived in seven.

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