Lost in Translation

Fun and helpful post by Harmony Kent on how every day words translate from country to country. 😉

Story Empire

Hello, SErs! Harmony here 🙂

While working with an American editor the self-same week that my last post on Wicked Words went live, an amusing situation (word-wise) arose. It had to do with our uncommon common language between UK and US English. We think we’re saying the same thing, when in fact …

Oh dear!

The first word that got lost in translation was HOMELY. Here’s what Google has to say:

Apparently, my American readers would have taken that descriptive to mean ugly and plain while my English Readers would have understood it as cosy, comfortable, and something nice, lols!

A common word with the same meaning on both sides of ‘the pond’ is HOMEY … it gets across the meaning I wanted and seems a far safer one to use. So, now I need to get out of the homely habit and into the homey one!

While HOMELY took…

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