“BONE SET Gina Mazzio RN Thrillers 1-3 (Gina Mazzio RN Medical Thriller Series)” by Bette Golden Lamb, J.J. Lamb

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Gina Mazzio Boxed Set cover

“BONE SET Gina Mazzio RN Thrillers 1-3 (Gina Mazzio RN Medical Thriller Series)

Genre: Thriller & Suspense/Medical/Pulp

Release Date: July 10, 2016

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Meet RN Gina Mazzio, a feisty, determined, tenacious, and all ballsy Italian ex-Bronxite. Compassionate to most, downright lethal to those who would harm her patients. This is an action-packed, shocking, take-no-prisoners series about the dark rough and tumble side of the medical profession and its adjuncts. Fans of hard-boiled medical thrillers will eat it up … as will lovers of strong women sleuths, hospital mysteries, and all medical fiction, especially fans of Tess Gerritsen, Carolyn McCray, Eileen Dreyer, Lisa Genova, and Robin Cook.

Carl Chapman, a young man with an excellent prognosis, dies–and Gina knows he shouldn’t have. Another patient’s acting weird and desperate; a third, a teenager, has actually run away. Gina soon learns Carl’s cancer treatment had gone missing, in fact, finds out her patients are being subjected to a form of blackmail so diabolical Hanibal Lecter could have dreamed it up.
… a medical thriller “not for the squeamish.”-Publishers Weekly,

“Help me quit killing redheads.”
That’s the plea RN Gina Mazzio hears when she gets an anonymous call the night before her wedding. The cops say it’s a crank call. Her fiancé says she’s altar-shy. Her fellow workers call her “silly”. But Gina’s got a bad feeling…
And then it turns out two of her fellow nurses at San Francisco’s Ridgewood Hospital are missing. Instead of a honeymoon, she’s plunged into the dark world of the black market trade in human body parts. Need we mention this is not medical suspense for the faint-hearted?

Why does a hospital need bars on the windows? And why is the parking lot empty? As RNs Gina Mazzio and her fiancé Harry Lucke arrive for their new assignment as travel nurses, they suddenly have the chilling feeling of being about to enter a Stephen King novel—only in rural Nevada instead of Maine. This adventure’s supposed to be a respite from San Francisco, with its numbing memories of murder and kidnapping, but they seem to have signed up to work at a hospital with no windows on the first floor and barred windows on the second.

I am an RN, and yes, an ex-Bronxite. So listening to me talk (hands flying) can be a funny experience. I love to write crime novels and multitask because I’m also an artist that plays with clay in my studio in my little home in the West (Marin County, CA.). My sculptures and other artistic creations appear in many juried national and local exhibitions, and I sell my work through galleries, associations, and retail stores, including Kris & Joe Neri’s, The Well Red Coyote Book Store, in Sedona, AZ.
I especially adore hanging out with my 50+ rose bushes or sneaking out to the movies when I should be writing. Being an RN is a huge clue as to why I like to write gritty medical thrillers with my husband J. J. Lamb. Our RN Gina Mazzio medical thriller “Bone ” series” #1 BONE DRY, #2 SIN & BONE, #3 BONE PIT, #4 BONE OF CONTENTION, #5 BONE DUST, #6 BONE CRACK, plus standalones SISTERS IN SILENCE and HEIR TODAY…, THE KILLING VOTE, are all available as an e-book and trade paperback, and THE BONE SERIES is in audio. Check out our website at http://www.twoblacksheep.us,or http://www.bettelamb.com or jjlamb.com. You can also see some examples of my art at http://www.bettegoldenlamb.com

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