“Dwarf Called Ooh: The Adventures of Nick and Nelly in the country Dwarfs” by Sergio Balym

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Dwarf called Ooh cover

“Dwarf called Ooh: The Adventures of Nick and Nelly in the country Dwarfs”

Genre: Comic & Graphic Novel/Fantasy

Release Date: March 3, 2017

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You never know where you will find an adventure of a lifetime; it could be in your garden, or at a shrubbery around the corner. For Nick and Nelly, their thrilling adventure began when they curiously followed a narrow path into the woods. On the path, the two friends met a dwarf called “Ooh!” in an unimaginably hilarious manner. Their meeting started an adventure that brought Nick and Nelly to Dwarf land. A visit the Dwarfs will never forget because the two friends taught them the most important thing in life!

Follow Nick and Nelly on this thrilling adventure–read on.

When I was a child, my grandmom told me many fairy tales by heart from her memory. When I learned how to read, I read books by myself. Of course, those fairy tales from my childhood remained in my childhood. The tales that I write for you are extremely there have never been such stories before and they are cute, just for you readers and listeners.

You’ll know some secret some heroes are totally imagined but very real, like in the life. For example, in the fairy tale “Magic cat” character is taken from the cat living close to me. So fluffy and funny.

So my dear boys and girls, welcome to my world of fairy tales. I hope you will be interested and look forward to my new stories and our adventures.

What say you?

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