“The Carter Devereux Mystery Thrillers” by JC Ryan

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Nothing New Under the Sun cover

“The Carter Devereux Mystery Thrillers

Genre: Thriller/Mystery/Historical

Release Date: May 23, 2017

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All four books in the Carter Devereux Mysteries series!

Nothing New Under the Sun

Carter’s research and exploration into this history take him to South America, India, and the Middle East, where he makes mind-boggling discoveries which challenge our entire view of human history. And before long, Carter finds himself with not only a large number of critics from across the world but also a number of ardent followers.

Through the ages kings, rulers, power seekers, and governments have been trying secretly, and sometimes not so secretly, to get their hands on artifacts believed to have immense power. Examples include the Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant, Bachal Isu – the staff of Moses, carried by David, and the King of Kings, Jesus Christ, the Spear of Destiny, the time machine “the Glock” created by the Germans during WWII, and ancient lost cities with hidden fortunes of gold and artifacts with unimaginable powers.

There is a no shortage of unscrupulous, power hungry people who will do anything, including kill, to possess these relics- if they exist.

Most frightening of them all are the ancient texts that speak of earth’s destruction by nuclear weapons thousands of years ago.

Do those nuclear weapons still exist?

If so where are they?

Can Carter Devereux discover them before anyone else can?

The Wolves of Freydis

Carter Devereux’s idyllic world had been shattered and catapulted into chaos, and with it, the fate of humanity itself.

With a traitor in their midst who seems to stay one step ahead of them, it is a race against time for Carter Devereux and a team of Special Forces operators who must fight evils never before encountered.

Can they uncover the traitor, free the captives from an unknown location, and stop the evil from sweeping in and changing the world as we know it?

The Alboran Codex

In the year 106 AD, when the Roman legions marched on their capital at Petra, the Nabateans surrendered their empire to the Romans, without a fight, and according to historians ceased to exist.

But very few knew that the Nabateans didn’t cease to exist, they just stayed out of sight for more than 1,900 years, and now they are on the verge of implementing their final plan.

Carter Devereux, with his knowledge of the City of the Giants and their library in the Egyptian desert, is the only obstacle in the way to achieve their goals.

Therefore, the order of the Council of the Covenant of Nabatea is clear; “We MUST have that information. All of it. Move in on Carter Devereux… and get it at all costs, up to and including the killing of everyone….”

The Nabatean Secret

Sentries at the Main Gate of Patch Barracks had turned away the last of the local Fasching revelers an hour or so before, laughingly joking with them that the Barracks were too quiet for their parties. A few soldiers, somewhat worse for wear after joining the locals for the opening night of Germany’s “Fifth Season”, straggled in around midnight. They were cheerfully waved through the gate by the envious guards, who had pulled duty that night and didn’t get to celebrate.

Since then, the night had been still, only the night sounds typical of the region breaking the silence. The cell and radio tower behind the thick trees was lit by an eerie glow from the remains of the Fasching bonfire a few miles away. It would be six long hours until sunrise and their relief.

The peace of the night lulled them to silence.

Behind them, an eerie blue-white blinding flash bloomed. . .

C Ryan holds a military degree and served as an officer in the military for seven years before a crippling back injury forced him to change careers. He returned to university studied law and became a lawyer, running his own private practice for more than fifteen years before he moved overseas, became an IT project manager and finally got the opportunity to pursue his lifelong dream of being a writer.

With the knowledge and experience gained by living and working on three continents and as many careers, Ryan amassed a wealth of knowledge and material which equipped him to take up fiction writing.

Since the publication of The Tenth Cycle in May 2014, his first novel in the very popular Rossler Foundation Mysteries, JC Ryan has become a bestselling author of spellbinding archeological mysteries and crime suspense-thrillers. He has published books in three series.

The Rossler Foundation Mysteries Series – The truth about human history is locked up in the great pyramid, but will we be allowed to know the truth? In this six-part series, JC Ryan captures our imagination with the messages from the Great Pyramid that slowly reveals our past and the characters. This series catches the readers interest by the idea of cycles of civilizations previous to our own and then building up to a veritable tour de force. A well-researched, great plot followed through the six books. One of my favorite authors.

The Carter Devereux Mystery Thriller Series – Over the years, Carter Devereux, a tenured professor of archeology has come to realize that we have warped our own history. Intentionally mistranslating, changing, adapting, and skewing it to fit in with our restricted perceptions – conveniently ignoring what we didn’t understand. In his quest to learn more about human history, he made some startling, controversial, and even perilous discoveries, and soon Professor Carter Devereux has ruthless, lethal enemies.

The Exonerated Series – Young, beautiful and still an optimist, Regan St Clair, a judge from the Ninth District, believed she could make a difference when she took pity on the pleas of a desperate wife. She employs Jake Westley, a former Delta Force commando to investigate, as they uncover the truth they step on the toes of a secret evil cabal and all hell breaks loose.

Ryan has been married to his college sweetheart since 1978, and have two daughters and two dogs and make their home on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia.

If you’d like to know more about him and his books, special offers and a free book, just copy and paste the address http://www.jcryanbooks.com into your browser to visit his website.

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