“Devil Dealing (The Ryder Quartet Book1)” by Ian Patrick

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Devil Dealing cover

“Devil Dealing (The Ryder Quartet Book 1)”

Author: Ian Patrick

Genre: Thriller/Suspense/Police Procedural

Release Date: August 1, 2015

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How far should cops go to deal with the devil himself? What would you choose? Justice or retribution? Morality or vengeance? The first in a series of nail-biting crime fiction thrillers based on frontline research on actual crimes. Dip inside – if you dare – and see why thousands of readers are devouring these thrillers.

From the Author

Devil Dealing, the first book in The Ryder Quartet, builds on front-line research in the war against crime in Durban, South Africa. With assistance and guidance from detectives, forensics experts, and victims of crime, the author attempts to ensure meticulous attention to detail. He has explored the precise locations in which scenes are set and has captured details of actual crimes before adapting them for his purposes into fast-paced fiction thrillers. Throughout the quartet of novels, his intention has been to create exciting crime stories steeped in the authenticity of action, place and time. At the same time, he has endeavored to capture the essence of some current debates on law, justice, crime and moral responsibility.

After working as an actor, director, and teacher in theatre, film, and television, Ian Patrick turned to an academic career, publishing scholarly essays in a range of international academic journals. He believes his years as an actor, director, and researcher play a modest part in his writing. ‘My fiction is based to the best of my ability on research and field work. I have to believe every word my fictive characters say, every action they undertake,’ he says. Which explains why he has accompanied detectives to the front line, interviewed forensics investigators, and spent many hours scouring actual locations for his crime scenes: many of them based on actual events.

‘I try to make my fiction plausible and authentic. This requires exhaustive work and detailed research. It takes me up to a year of full-time work to write an eighty thousand word crime thriller. In my view, although it is clearly desirable to arrive at one’s destination by bringing a work to publication, it is the journey that is the really exciting and enjoyable part of writing. I can only hope that readers will also enjoy the journey of discovering my characters and their foibles, their actions, and their experiences. I hope, too, that they will inform me about and forgive me for any lapses in my work or any errors of detail.’

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