“A Place With Two Faces” by Josephine Mann

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A Place with Two Faces

“A Place With Two Faces”

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Release Date: June 13, 2017

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She needs a fresh start…

Jenny Maxwell is hopelessly in love with her latest beaux Colin Barton – and that’s the problem.

It was only supposed to be a mutual fling for them both.

Knowing her love is unrequited, she is determined to overcome her heartbreak.

What she needs is a fresh start – a new job some place outside of London and away from Colin.

And a job ad in the newspaper ticks all her boxes; a secretarial role for a writer living all the way out in Bodmin Moor, Cornwall.

Jenny’s flatmate and good friend, Mandy insists she look somewhere more ‘lively’ but for Jenny, it sounds perfect.

So she packs up all her belonging and drives down to Bodmin Moor – to Kilruthan House.

The writer, Margaret Shaw, is a historical novelist, who deeply romanticizes the 17th century.

Still, despite her eccentricities, Mrs. Shaw is an excitable, chatty and welcoming host to Jenny.

All Jenny has to do is type up her next manuscript from her written longhand.

The house is open to her and she’s free to go to the local village, Ermeporth whenever she pleases.

Forgetting Colin will be easier than she thought…

But as Jenny soon realizes, Bodmin Moor is a place with two faces.

At first, the housekeeper Mrs. Gethin’s warnings about the place seemed to Jenny like the prudish and snobbish complaints typical from old ladies.

However, strange and deadly things keep happening.

First, a country walk almost ends with her being flattened by a boulder.

Then a dead rat appears on her bed.

If that’s not a warning, Jenny doesn’t know what it.

But Mrs. Shaw and the rest of the neighbors insist it’s just fairies – that she’s been ‘pisky-led’.

As more dangerous incidents occur, Jenny starts to fear for her life.

But her one option of leaving – her car – mysteriously breaks down.

And then one night, she accidentally finds Mrs. Shaw and the locals dancing naked in the moonlight…

Set in the bleak but beautiful backdrop of Bodmin Moor, A Place With Two Faces is a tense and nail-biting mystery.


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