“A Criminal Mind: (A Cooper and White Mystery Book 4)” by Julia Derek

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A Criminal Mind cover

“A Criminal Mind: A suspenseful psychological thriller that keeps you guessing until the end (A Cooper and White Mystery Book 4)

Release Date: July 14, 2017

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Rose Nichols’s husband Mark is shot to death while walking the dog one night. When Rose learns what’s happened, she’s shocked but not sad. Mark used to beat her so much that she started drinking as a coping mechanism for their fractured marriage.

Detectives Cooper and White are put on the case. Cooper believes Rose is behind her husband’s death, while White suspects it was the privileged assistant general manager at the health club Mark managed.

The deeper they get into the investigation, the more complex it becomes and the stranger Rose acts. Her erratic behavior makes her seem so guilty even White agrees she must be the perp. Unfortunately, no hard evidence points to her, only at the assistant GM. Cooper and White are at a loss—who killed Mark?

NOTE: A CRIMINAL MIND is a stand-alone murder mystery with no explicit sex and little violence. If you’re a fan of Rachel Abbott, Agatha Christie, and Toby Neal, you will likely enjoy it.

Julia Derek grew up in Sweden but always knew she was meant to live in America, more specifically, in New York City. A lover of mystery, thrillers, and suspense, she has been writing stories for as long as she can remember. When she doesn’t write or read, she spends her time whipping people into shape as a fitness trainer. She is the author of the GIRL UNDERCOVER serial – THE ADLER CONSPIRACY and DUPLICITY (FREE prequel to the serial) and the Meta-Human Series that include THE CRUCIFIER, THE JOKER, and THE TRAITOR. Be sure to check out her psychological thriller THE DIARY and her YA thriller THE SMILEY KILLER. Her latest releases include the cozy mystery HAUNTED HARDBODIES series and the crime thrillers SINS OF THE PAST and DEADLY DREAMS. Last, check out her popular historical crime thriller BLOOD EAGLE.

Julia loves to hear from her readers. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter or by visiting her website: http://www.JuliaDerek.com. Join her mailing list by copy/pasting this into your browser: http://eepurl.com/bEyamb.

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