“Little Queen (The Ùlfrinn Series, Book 2)” by A.C. Melody #Review

“Little Queen (The Ùlfrinn Series, Book 2)”

Author: A.C. Melody

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance/Norse Mythology

Release date: July 1, 2017


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5/5 Stars!

It’s All About the Romance!

Reyna Daniels and Corbyn Bruschard make an effort to be in a committed relationship, but each is still hindered by their own hidden fears.

However, fear takes a backseat to rage and the need to protect.

Unable to reach good buddy, Jesse (a lone wolf), back in Chicago, Reyna Daniels is worried he’s fallen back in with the wrong crowd. When her Chicago apartment is burglarized and Chicago PD insists Reyna returns for questioning, Corbyn’s spidey senses go into high alert… with good reason.

Corbyn Bruschard is blindsided by a devastating blow during a business venture. As he begins to hunt down the guilty, Corbyn and the entire pack is sent reeling when the still anonymous-evil strikes again… and leaves Reyna on her death bed.

At first glance, it appears the Ùlfrinn are surrounded by enemies determined to wipe them out and Corbyn and his pack have little chance for success. But things—and people—are not as they appear.

Alliances are made—with reluctance—but it may yet be too late.

Corbyn is forced to take a stand when there’s dissension within the pack. He doesn’t want history to repeat itself and another Ùlfrinn is cast out because of pride, but he will not be challenged, especially when it comes to Reyna.

Reyna’s search for Jesse leads her to a secret government agency created for dealing with the supernatural *Waves to Mulder and Scully* which includes a much-too-friendly director, a female agent with an attitude, and Sean Connery, er…I mean Laird McCuine, an alpha even more powerful than Corbyn. (How is this even possible?)

Despite the power plays and intrigue moving the story along, it’s the love story of Corbyn and Reyna which wins the day. Much respect to the destiny of Fated Mates, but these two will settle for nothing less than true love. The relationship is give and take with tiny wins for each along the way. There are ‘squee’ moments to make the reader smile and cheer these two on as they fall in love. The intimate scenes are again graphic but without being overdone. The running dialogue and character internal thoughts keep this about bonding hearts and not just orgasms. The Ùlfrinn and their Norse heritage provide the paranormal, but the Alpha and his Valkyrie bring the romance. *Swoons*

As Reyna’s Ùlfr begins to awaken it doesn’t change her but instead strengthens who she is… who she’s always been. While Reyna has never been anyone’s fool, she begins to sync with her long dormant wolf and finds power which surprises everyone… except Corbyn.

The Norse Mythology runs even deeper in Little Queen, and it is flawless. The mythology is crucial to whether or not Reyna survives, and if the search for the guilty is successful.

There is a book 3 in the Ùlfrinn series, but Little Queen doesn’t leave you hanging off a cliff wanting answers. Major points are nicely tied up and resolved while keeping the mythology alive.

True love, a front yard battle of wolves, a kidnapping, a poisoning, a female agent just asking to have her ass handed to her, ice cream thefts, one woman’s efforts to redefine shopping, Night, Mare, and a succubus.

Yeah, you need to 1-click.









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