What To Do When One Of Your Blog Posts Is Reblogged #bloggingtips – Hugh’s Views & News

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How to Successfully Re-Blog a Post

Reblogging a fellow blogger’s post is one of the most flattering forms of sharing! Keep in mind that all of their post’s images will be added to your media files. Something else to keep in mind is to double check the post’s images to be sure you feel comfortable associating them with your blog site. The same copyright rules apply!

Once you re-blog, quickly head to your admin page and update the post by adding appropriate categories and tags and set the featured image.

If you are unsure, rather than re-blogging, you can always use the “Press This” button on the post, found at the bottom of the sharing option. You might think about installing the “Press This” button into your browser’s toolbar. WordPress has simple instructions for doing this! Using Press This also works for any website you want to share, and for any self-hosted blogger that does not…

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