Throwback Thursday: Baby Boomer Edition!

Okay, Gen X-ers, Gen Y-ers, and Millennials – talk quietly amongst yourselves while Baby Boomers get in the WayBack Machine for a Throwback Thursday stroll down Memory Lane!



10 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Baby Boomer Edition!

  1. Love this!! So many good memories. I used one of those clunky cash registers at my first job too. Loved my 45 rpms, and I’d completely forgotten about flash cubes. And the old car radio dials…I can still still hear the static between stations 🙂

    Thanks for a fabulous post!

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    1. Weren’t those cash registers a trip? I can still hear the click of pressing down each key! LOL!

      The radio in my dad’s old Delta 88 was forever getting stuck on the news! 😉

      Thanks, Mae – and thanks for stopping by! 😉

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