Hooking the Reader with a Killer Opening to Your Book

A Writer's Path

by Helena Fairfax

This is another topic that has made me take a good look at my own writing. My first thought is that it’s vital to have an opening that hooks the reader. Some people say a killer opening is even more important now, since online stores like Amazon have a facility to “Look inside” the book, or to download the first few pages as a sample.

They say readers have too much choice and a short attention span, and we have to be hooked immediately or you lose us. But I think back to the days when there was no Amazon and I could only obtain books from bookshops or libraries. I used to do exactly the same thing before choosing a book – check out the blurb, and then have a read of the opening to see if it grabbed me. If I wasn’t hooked, I put the book back.

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2 thoughts on “Hooking the Reader with a Killer Opening to Your Book

  1. I’m kind of a mix of both…there are books that have a slow start but then hooks me in after a few chapters 😂 Some books have killer openings but fall flat after a couple of chapters. When one book has a killer opening it’s like my expectations are higher and then I get disappointed. Have you ever felt that way with some books?

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    1. Oh, yes! I believe the best plot twist in a murder mystery I’ve ever read was in a book it took me multiple attempts over months to get into. The first 20% is dull as a butter knife – but I’m so glad I hate DNFs and kept trying because the last 80% is pure gold! 😉

      The flipside of this happens WAY too often – a great beginning fizzles out long before the end and just has you wishing it was over. 😀

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