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Please help me in welcoming author Roberta Capizzi to Nesie’s Place today all the way from Italy. Roberta is the author of sweet romances with a small town flare centered around matters of the heart.

I’ve discovered a love for small-town series, and after asking my readers to take a survey, I’ve realized I’m not alone. The romance subgenre with most votes turned out to be small-town settings, closely followed by family sagas. The results got me thinking: why do romance readers love small towns?

As a reader, I tend to get really involved in a story, and as a consequence, I get attached to characters, too. Although getting to know new characters and settings is cool, I’ve found I love it so much more when I get to meet characters I already met and rooted for. And in small-town romances, you pretty much always get to see what happened to the characters after they got their happily-ever-after, as they star as secondary characters in the next book in the series. What I love, and what I think is the thing that makes these stories so special, is the camaraderie—the ‘everyone’s got everyone’s back’ motto that seems to be a compulsory element in tiny communities. And let’s not forget the gossip mill, that usually contributes to some funny moments in the books.

Whenever I read a good small-town romance, I become a member of the community and I feel as if I’m living in the book. Something that doesn’t happen when I read city-based stories.

My love for small town series started when I discovered the Christmas, Colorado series by Debbie Mason. The more I read, the more I felt as if I were part of the tight-knit community—and the less I wanted to leave. Afterward, the Whisper Creek series by Maggie McGinnis and the Hero’s Welcome series by Annie Rains just reinforced my love for this subgenre once and for all: I was a small-town fan all the way.

The idea for my Love In Spring series came to me in 2015, during a very hot summer. Since I couldn’t do much more than lie on the couch because even just lifting a finger would make me sweat as if I’d run the Boston marathon, I binge-watched a lot. It was the summer I discovered the TV series based on Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove series and fell in love with the cute town I wanted to move to (maybe because it looked 20 degrees cooler than my living room at that moment. LOL).

That’s when I started planning my very own small-town series. I’ve always loved the beach so the town would definitely have to be near the water, but it took me a while to decide where I would “build” it. Eventually, I chose Oregon as the setting for my fictional town because I loved the scenery. I’ve never been a plotter in my writing process, so even though I researched some of the main facts to make it as realistic as possible, I have to admit I discovered things as I wrote. Spring Harbor came to life in my head while I was writing and I simply put down on paper the images that flashed through my mind.

And just like I expected, I became so involved in the lives of the residents that when I finished book one, No End To Love, I felt lost. The thing I love about writing series, as well as reading them, is that I never have to really let go of my characters and eventually, they become almost friends, as real as the people around me. Crazy, you say? Well, welcome into a writer’s mind!

Thanks for reading all the way to the end and thank you, Felicia, for having me as a guest on your blog.


You’re welcome and thanks for stopping by, Roberta!

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A new small-town series for fans of sweet romance. Welcome to Spring Harbor, where love is in the air.


She wants to belong…

Ellie Hawthorne lost her faith in love when believing a lie cost her a job she loved, as well as her reputation. So when she inherits her grandmother’s beach cottage in Spring Harbor, Oregon, she’s happy to leave the city and the gossip behind, and finally put down roots—without a man.

He wants to turn back time…

Adam Cavanagh lost his faith in love when his wife died in his arms, leaving him with their six-month-old daughter and a broken heart he knew he could never stitch back together. Three years later, his only goal is to be the best dad he can—without a woman.

Neither wants to fall in love…

When Adam moves in next door to Ellie, their lives inevitably entangle, but he’s heartbroken and she’s disillusioned. Can they get over their fears and let their friendship become love?

If you like heart-warming romances focused on emotions, small-town settings, and tight-knit communities, you’ll love the books in the Love In Spring series.

~ About Roberta Capizzi ~

Roberta is an Italian author of sweet, heart-warming romances set in Ireland or in small towns in the United States—two places where she’d love to live while writing full-time. She’s also an avid reader who thinks daydreaming should be a paid profession and that the world would be a better place if bookworms ruled it.

Growing up as an only child, she spent all her free time with her nose stuck in books, enjoying the company of fictional friends, while dreaming of becoming an author. Discovering books by Rosamunde Pilcher was the turning point in her life, and she decided to start writing down the stories that kept playing in her head, just for fun. After the first couple of stories, though, she found it impossible to stop—and she’s been writing ever since.

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8 thoughts on “Author Roberta Capizzi #GuestBlogger

  1. I love small town settings both as a reader and a writer, As the latter, it’s fun to create my own communities the way I envision them. As a reader it’s wonderful to escape into those fictional worlds. I also have a love of coastal settings, so Spring Harbor sounds compelling 🙂

    Wishing you the best with your series, Roberta.


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