Don’t Accept The Verdict

A great self-affirmation to adopt! 😉


At this very moment, there is someone who is thinking that the success gods no longer favor him or her. Perhaps, you are that person. Everything in your life appears to be working against you. Every imaginable obstacle and setback has rear its head and it does not seem as if life is going to get better any time soon.

The odds not only look to be stacked against you, but the will to fight on—the will to continue—also seem to be fading with every passing moment. You feel as if your pursuit of the impossible has been a grand and monumental waste of your time, energy and effort. You are ready to accept the verdict that your ridiculously impossible dream will not come to fruition.

I am here to remind you, do not accept that verdict. Do not allow doubt and fear to impede your forward momentum. Do not allow difficulties, setbacks and obstacles to…

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“Chasing Space: An Astronaut’s Story of Grit, Grace, and Second Chances” by Leland Melvin #Spotlight

Felicia Denise, Author

Chasing Space cover

“Chasing Space: An Astronaut’s Story of Grit, Grace, and Second Chances”

Author: Leland Melvin

Genre: Memoir/Scientists/Sports

Release Date: May 23, 2017

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In this moving, inspirational memoir, a former NASA astronaut and NFL wide receiver shares his personal journey from the gridiron to the stars, examining the intersecting roles of community, perseverance and grace that align to create the opportunities for success.

Leland Melvin is the only person in human history to catch a pass in the National Football League and in space. Though his path from the gridiron to the heavens was riddled with setbacks and injury, Leland persevered to reach the stars.

While training with NASA, Melvin suffered a severe injury that left him deaf. Leland was relegated to earthbound assignments, but chose to remain and support his astronaut family. His loyalty paid off. Recovering partial hearing, he earned his eligibility for space travel. He served…

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“A Most Demanding Mistress (Fashionably Impure Book 2)” by Natasha Blackthorne #Spotlight

A Few of My Favorite Things

Historical Romance Month continues this week on Nesie’s Place with the work of author Natasha Blackthorne in the spotlight! Natasha’s Fashionably Impure and Intimate Secrets series will be featured.

A Most Demanding Mistress cover

“A Most Demanding Mistress (Fashionably Impure Book 2)”

Genre: Victorian/Gothic/Regency

Release Date: April 22, 2016

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Miss Miranda Jones is indisputably the most beautiful, elegant and sought after courtesan in all of London. She hides a past full of pain and rejection beneath an exterior of pride. She knows that noblemen put their own fickle interests first and cannot be trusted. Scorned by ducal father, she never needed or expected anything from a man, except his financial support. Luxurious living makes a soothing balm against the sting of the ultimate rejection.

Now she’s madly in love with a nobleman who cannot afford to keep her in such extravagant style. And she wonders if a courtesan can ever afford to indulge her own passions? Can she really gamble so capriciously on her own future and put the happiness of the moment above future security? Will her gentleman prove himself no better than any other nobleman that she has known?

Adrian Sutherland, the Earl of Danvers, has seen the men of his family destroyed through their obsessive need to possess beautiful women. He’d always thought himself immune to such unworthy drives. Now he’s fallen under the spell of Miss Miranda Jones.

Miss Jones’ high standards and past reputation foretells that she’ll be a most demanding mistress. Despite his relative lack of funds, Adrian is determined to work hard to protect and provide for her. Passion led this skeptical gentleman to declare himself in love. Yet as they enter a protector and mistress relationship, Adrian finds himself consumed with possessiveness. And he can’t help but wonder if is it true love that motivates him? Or is it the need to own her stunning beauty? He must find the answer before their tempestuous romance breaks both of their hearts.

A Most Demanding Mistress is part of the Fashionably Impure Series and is best read after Miranda’s Dilemma.

Reader advisory: This story contains frank sexual language and general bedchamber naughtiness. Abuse issues are alluded to in the backstory.

*** This Story is Approximately 163 Pages ***


Felicia’s Review

April 13, 2016

5/5 Stars!

Revelations! Epiphanies! Drama!

The first scene of the book includes a very distraught Miranda, and when I found out WHY she was distraught… I became distraught too! I thought at the end of book 1 they were… but then… and now… ugh! Nice plot twist! Well played, Ms. Blackthorne, well played!

Adrian is determined to keep Miranda for his mistress, and she wants to be with him, yet the silent battle of wills still lingers. At one point, she nearly leaves him after he makes a snap judgement. Adrian really is quite arrogant, but Miranda is equally as proud. But even in her pride, Miranda is afraid of losing Adrian. Judging him only by what she has seen in her young life… men tire of women and move on to the next one. She is afraid of losing herself in, and to Adrian, only to have him walk away. Miranda isn’t aware yet that he shares a similar fear – of losing himself in his love for her above all else – and bringing even more ruin to his family like his father before him. (And his father before him.)

The need of Adrian and Miranda to each be the dominant in their relationship was at times exhausting. And not dominant in a BDSM-type of way, but more so, controlling. Still not fully trusting enough to allow their hearts to lead, the struggle even extends to the bedroom. Especially the bedroom… where Adrian usually wins.

Had they only had themselves to contend with, they probably would have defeated their personal demons much sooner, but then… that would have been a far shorter story. While meddling Aunt Cassandra is temporarily on the back burner, Adrian’s sister-in-law, Dorothy Chadwick (whom I’ll now refer to as Crazy Dorothy) is front and center to show her moral indignation and disgust at Adrian’s choice of Miranda. But Crazy Dorothy is not quite the long-suffering, supportive aunt and former lover than she would have us believe. (She’s not really happy about that “former lover” part, either.) Her behind the scenes involvement in Adrian and Miranda’s affair rushes in from far left field and brings an entire new element of suspense to this story! Kudos to the author!

The mysterious Baron Stephen Drake again shows up with the answers Adrian needs. How does Drake do it? The Earl of Ruel says Drake is dangerous, and he’s probably right, but I LIKE Baron Drake. You always need someone in your corner who will do whatever it takes to resolve a situation. (HA!) And with the Duke of Winterton pulling the strings, “whatever” takes on an ominous meaning.

Even with the never ending machinations of others, Adrian and Miranda continue to grow closer, and share their souls’ pain. Despite his near penniless standing, Adrian proposes marriage, and Miranda readily accepts, eager to truly be with the love of her life. Adrian loves her as deeply, but is also determined to protect her from her father… Winterton. And just where is Winterton? I need book 3 now!



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Historical Romance Month #Giveaway #Reminder

A Few of My Favorite Things

Hope you’re still enjoying Historical Romance Month here on Nesie’s Place. These amazing authors have given generously of their time and their work. And – we’re not done! I’ll feature one more author next week.

As the banner says, the books featured during May are a few of MY favorite things. So, on June 1st, I’ll share my favorite things with a random winner.

If you have commented on any historical romance spotlighted book post… you’re already entered. If not, what are you waiting for? Contest is open through May 31st.

The Prize? An ebook set of any historical romance series featured in May.

Option #1 – Nicola Davidson’s The London Lords and Fallen series

Option #2 – Lily Silver’s Reluctant Heroes Series

Option #3 – Maureen Driscoll’s The Kellingtons Series

Option #3A – Maureen Driscoll’s The Emersons Series

Option #4 Natasha Blackthorne!

Miranda's Dilemma




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TSA Not Accepting Some State IDs in 2018 #TravelTuesday

I don’t know if I’m more annoyed January 2018 will be more than SIXTEEN years since 9/11 and TWELVE since the act was passed – guess this wasn’t all that urgent after all  – or that these states still aren’t in compliance with something they knew was coming.

In the end, it will be the average citizen who suffers because of this and gets bumped from a flight. (Drama at the airport… that’s what’s missing from our lives.) Either having to miss a business trip, family reunion, wedding, or heaven forbid, the funeral of a loved one all because government bureaucracy can never seem to get it right… or done in a timely manner.

Can I scream now?

AARP Travel Tuesday
Starting next year, TSA cannot accept some state driver’s licenses that don’t meet acceptable security standards.


Travelers, don’t say we didn’t warn you. Beginning in January 2018, driver’s licenses from some states may be rejected as a form of identification for boarding an aircraft.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), while gradually implementing the REAL ID Act passed by Congress in 2005, has announced that starting next year it cannot accept some state driver’s licenses that don’t meet acceptable security standards

Residents of nine states — Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Washington — may need to use a passport or some other government-approved identification unless their driver’s licenses are changed by next year. Other states have been granted extensions while they prepare to comply with the requirement.

Signs have been placed near checkpoints in some airports to notify passengers of the changing requirements.

“This doesn’t mean that people will be told, ‘Hey, you can’t fly,’” a TSA spokesman said on Wednesday. “You’ll just have to have another form of ID.”

Some states have raised privacy concerns, saying the ID requirements may produce information on individuals that can be compiled in a national database. “This is a game of intimidation being played out between Congress and the federal government and state governments, with ordinary citizens being squeezed in the middle,” Edward Hasbrouck of the Identity Project, a privacy advocate, told the New York Times in December.

The REAL ID Act was based on recommendations of the 9/11 Commission to guard against terrorist attacks. Proponents say more stringent IDs may also ward off fraud and identity theft.