Share Request With Host Incentive!

An author needs some assistance for a cover reveal! 👍

A.C. Melody

Who lost track of time? Yeah, that would be me…

Fortunately, the amazing and multi-talented Ms. Felicia has come to the rescue! Thanks to her unparalleled superpowers, I now have a materials packet available for anyone who’d like to help post a Cover Reveal for my upcoming novel!

I will also be giving away a $10 Amazon Gift Card to a randomly selected host, and this is an International offer! If you’re interested in sharing, please find the book information and sign up link below.

*ARC sign ups are also available through the form link.

HA Form Banner(2)Title: Hearthstone Alpha (The Úlfrinn series, Book 1)
Genre: Contemporary Paranormal Romance – Wolf Shifters
Length: approx. 300 pages

Sign up Link:

Thank you in advance to all who participate!

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7 thoughts on “Share Request With Host Incentive!

    1. Hi Kim, thank you so much for taking an interest! I’m at work now but can get in touch with you later this evening to sort out details and get you an ARC. 🙂

      I’m already following Didi, but will definitely go check this link out, thank you!

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  1. When is the release date? I am happy to do a meet the author feature and cover reveal. I don’t need the gift card incentive either! Check out my author site under meet the author page. Also, I’ll read and review I love a bit of paranormal romance.

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      1. Okay I can feature her for that day if she gets in contact via “contact Kim ” on my page. Please ask her to contact me BEFORE hand so I can interview her for the feature. Book covers and excerpts to the ready…. ya know the drill! Ideally at least a week before hand so we can set it all up. If she would like a read and review, I’d love her ARC asap. Right now I’m reading a paranormal romance and then thriller for a review feature . I can read her book next. If she is okay with a book review a little later ( due to schedule) I’ll do one, The cover reveals and all the hype I’ll do on release day for her. I look forward hearing news.

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