Using the Five Senses in Fiction, Part One: Sight & Sound

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Writers After Dark

Five Senses Part One
Good writing is like enjoying a hot cup of chocolate on a snowy morning. It activates all your senses: sight, smell, touch, taste buds, and even sound. I was going to say it’s like sex, but this is a daytime gig, and my mommy reads this, so . . . hot chocolate anyone? 😛

As a writer, your job is to paint a vivid picture in the mind of your reader. Or as I like to think of it: download your vision into their brain. But since you lack a flash drive for that, you’ll have to rely on the five senses. And that’s all you need. I know this not because I’m a good writer, but because I’m a reader.

Our senses are pretty much the most powerful tool accessible to a writer. Each one is amazing in its own way, but combined they immerse the reader into the…

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