8 Ways a Notebook Can Supercharge your Writing

I love my notebooks! Do you use them?

Jed Herne: Writer

I started using a writing notebook in 2014. Since then notebooks have become an essential part of my writing process. Whether it’s an idea for a whole story, a scene, or just a cool-sounding sentence, my notebook is my second brain. I’ve currently filled 3 and a half notebooks (about 900+ pages – you can see my collection in the above header image), and I can’t imagine life without them.

Obviously, I’m already sold on notebooks. By the end of today’s post, I hope you’ll be just as hooked on them as I am. So, here are 8 ways a notebook can supercharge your writing.

1. Writing ideas helps you develop ideas

When I was thinking about this post, I only came up with 4 ways a notebook helps you write. However, the act of writing this post’s outline in my notebook let me come up with another 3 ways. This…

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“The Seduction of Viscount Vice (Fallen Book 3)” by Nicola Davidson #Spotlight

Viscount Vice cover

“The Seduction of Viscount Vice (Fallen Book 3)”

Author: Nicola Davidson

Genre: Historical Romance/Regency

Release Date: May 1, 2017

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Proud Scot and Fallen co-owner, Lord Iain ‘Vice’ Vissen is dedicated to performing in and producing the pleasure club’s hedonistic shows. Until the night he apprehends a rogue footman in their midst and discovers the spy is Lady Mairi MacNair—the woman who long ago broke his heart.

Born an earl’s daughter but now a seamstress, Mairi has returned to London to help open a superior pleasure club to Fallen, and finally realize her dream of being the seductive leading lady. But when she discovers her main rival is Iain, the man she loved beyond reason and was forced to abandon, she is soon caught in a web of lies, secrets, and raw, scorching passion that time hasn’t dimmed…

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This week, May 1-5, stop by and learn more about Nicola’s delicious historical romance reads! She’s also sponsoring a Rafflecopter that will run all month. Complete the tasks and one randomly drawn winner will receive digital copies of books 1 and 2 of The London LordsTo Love a Hellion and Rakes to Riches. Trust me, you want both of these!

Ready, set, go!

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Curated Content for Writers

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Content Curation globalIt’s Friday! The weekend is almost here. Time for a rundown of all the great content we found this week.

Did you see Joan’s post on Monday about having the “right” spot for writing? You can read it here. And Harmony wrote about digital autographs on Wednesday. Check that out by clicking here. When you’re done catching up with the Story Empire posts, peruse the other industry tip we found for you. Here they are:

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