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A Few of My Favorite Things

Nicola DavidsonNICOLA DAVIDSON worked for many years in communications and marketing, as well as television and print journalism, but hasn’t looked back since she decided writing wicked historical romance was infinitely more fun. When not chained to a computer she can be found ambling along one of New Zealand’s beautiful beaches, cheering on the champion All Blacks rugby team, history geeking on the internet, or daydreaming. If this includes chocolate—even better!

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Nicola’s books are sexy and intriguing. She weaves mystery and suspense into the plot to deliver a read that is… unputdownable!

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A Few of My Favorite Things – The Heroines

The Heroines

The “standard” heroine in historical romances is a soft, sensitive soul who, through the course of the story, must find her inner strength in order to prevail over story villains or compromised situations and find her happily-ever-after with the story’s hero. She’s sometimes considered sassy and feisty. I don’t consider either a compliment. Neither speaks to intelligence, strength, or character. But usually a satisfying ending is enjoyed by all.

In my favorite HR stories, the heroines are formidable adversaries (or co-conspirators) almost from page one. They are smart, and even cunning. These women have very little time for tears and no time for running. However… for the right man… there’s plenty of time for passion!

Most HR stories take place during a time when women were second-class citizens. Not allowed to vote, own property, or even have input into their futures. They had their lives dictated to them by men and senior matriarchs “looking out for their best interest.”

Women learned fashion, food, music, and all things female. Discussing sex was unheard of, and expecting or wanting sex was even worse. They married whom they were told to – and it wasn’t uncommon for their future husband to sometimes be two or three times their age… as long as he had a title.

In the event a woman found herself the surviving widow or beneficiary of wealth, she was expected to marry so her husband could manage her wealth as he saw fit.


During the month of May, you’ll meet several women who have no time for societal mores and snub their noses at convention. They’re in dire situations and usually, time is of the essence. Of course, they were not planning on running into him, and he’s a game-changer! He either needs to get out of her way – or help her! They’ll risk life, ruin, and their hearts to save family… and for love.


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“Avarice Unleashed (Hell on Earth Book 3)” by A.C. Melody #Review

Avarice Unleashed cover

“Avarice Unleashed (Hell on Earth, Book 3)”

Author: A.C. Melody

Genre: Dark Erotica-BDSM-Paranormal

Release Date: April 30, 2017

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5/5 Stars!

Devils Need Love Too!

From the beginning of Avarice and moving on to Avarice Unforgiving, the list of growing questions keep the reader engaged and on the edge of their seat. A few bits and pieces of answers are tossed out in book 2, but they only serve to ignite more questions! Avarice Unleashed answers all questions… in ways the reader will never see coming.

Saphiel is gone and in her quest to find-in her mind… rescue-him, Kameo Kross must accept even more incredulous truths. It’s all or nothing, and Kami finally accepts she cannot be without her devil.

This is such a well-developed character! Even though the truth was Kami had nowhere to go, a lesser female would have tried. The seemingly endless situations of peril had ME on edge, but Kami rose to the occasion! Early in chapter two, she thought, “…she was getting really tired of being abducted” and “How many times was one person supposed to find themselves in a potentially life-threatening situation in the same week?” HA! Score Kameo Kross! Not fearless… but fierce!

Determined to find her man… er, devil, Kami finds out someone she once trusted is not even close to whom she believed them to be. It is then Kameo Kross understands despite the eons-old thought of demons and devils being vile and evil entities, the avarice of humans makes them much worse. A devil never threatened her life… but humans did.

Retribution is swift and I must say… justified. If you don’t want a devil to bother you… don’t bother him! Kami also finds out how deeply she was betrayed by someone she once cared for and takes no issue with the punishment given.

Kami’s roommate, Zoe Bankes, is front and center, and oh, so much fun! Big nods to the author for another strong female character! Her girlfriend banter with Kami is on point, and she doesn’t sugar-coat her personality for Saphiel! Zoe is the ultimate BFF because she will always tell you the truth whether you want to hear it or not, and she always has your back… even if demons are involved!

Kami is apprehensive as Beltane approaches. Even Saphiel has doubts. Everything could change… something neither of them wants. Will they survive?

This is a complex, challenging read and not for the faint-of-heart. If you’re easily offended, please don’t read this. Take heed of the author’s disclaimer. This isn’t comfy, cozy, or warm. It is challenging and even shocking in some areas. But, everything in this read has meaning… EVERYTHING. Nothing is gratuitous or a last minute add-in. It is often said one must suspend belief to read fiction. For the Avarice series, I disagree. Grab your beliefs and hold them close. You’ll need them.

Avarice Unleashed is a fitting conclusion to an epic series. Kudos to the author for delivering such a complex, detailed three-book story, and doing it in less than a year.

I stepped way out of my reading comfort zone for this series and I’m glad I did. Do I want to be Kameo Kross? No way! But, I am happy for her. She found what she’d spent two lifetimes searching for… and isn’t that the heart of any romance novel?

Indulge in a little avarice – no judgments here!



“Avarice Unleashed (Hell on Earth Book 3)” by A.C. Melody #ReleaseBlitz 18+

Avarice Unleashed cover

“Avarice Unleashed (Hell on Earth, Book 3)”

Genre: Dark Erotica-BDSM-Paranormal

Cover Art: Deranged Doctor Design

Editor: Monique the Editrix

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Hell hath no fury…

Saphiel’s gone and it’s all Kami’s fault.
Panicked and riddled with guilt, she turns to the only one who can help, only to fall into the wrong hands. It seems opportunity has knocked, and not a single enemy is willing to miss out. Everyone wants their dues, and Kami’s the perfect bait.

All she wants is to reunite with Saph and she’ll face off with the Devil himself to do it.
Facing herself and the reluctant truths of her heart are a whole other matter, especially when it could be too late. Will the unforgiving Avarice ever pardon her for endangering them both?

As the calendar races toward Beltane, sickening plots of greed and single-minded obsessions continue to unravel all around them, but their greatest challenge awaits in the aftermath of retribution.
Can they find some semblance of redemption in one another at last,
or will the demon within change everything?

…like a Devil unleashed.


A few moments passed before the sound of a door opening and closing quietly cut through the room. About fucking time!

The hood was yanked off her head, but not by the one standing ten feet away, facing her. Panting, she quickly scanned the room without moving her head. There were at least seven Legion standing guard—three on either side of her, plus the one who’d removed the hood and remained behind her shoulder. Had they been there all the while? Probably. Bastards. None of them mattered, at any rate. It was the six and half-foot golden god with ice-blue eyes and a face sculpted for sin standing directly across the room that mattered.

He wore a light-gray modern suit with an old-fashioned flare—a vest, complete with pocket watch. It did nothing to detract from the raw power he emanated. His dirty blond locks were brushed arrogantly away from his face, too long to be professional, but she’d dare anyone to tell him that. His eyes were like the winter; blue death with a frosty coating, encircled by a midnight ring. They drank her in with something close to pleased malevolence.

“Mmm, now that’s the face that belongs to a woman in chains. Mascara tears and ruby red lips,” he broke off with an aroused sound of approval. “You look absolutely tragic, Kami. May I call you Kami?”

She knew better than to answer. His voice was smooth as whiskey. A velvety spell designed to wreak havoc on his victim’s minds. She doubted he’d ever uttered a single syllable of sincere flattery in his entire existence. No, much like Saphiel, this Devil got his pleasure from making others suffer. Tremendously. She could feel his sadism woven into his potent presence. Her inner masochist had radar like that.

Flashing a quick smile of amusement, he clucked his tongue. “Clever, too. I’m almost envious that one of my wayward brethren have already claimed you. I think I could have enjoyed toying with you for a while.”

Kami visualized a giant, icy dragon batting around a helpless kitten and tried not to shudder.

Avarice Unleashed teaser

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Author Bio:

A.C. Melody is a hybrid Author of Erotic Romance and its many sub-genres. Confessed javaholic, introverted geeky girl with a twisted sense of humor and a wretched muse.

She has a weakness for hard ass Alphas and the strong women who capture their hearts, without damaging their rough edges. No matter how submissive or demure, her female leads have a core of strength and a willingness to admit their own flaws and evolve, not just demand that of their men.

When it comes to gambling, A.C. admits she’s 100% guilty of placing all her money on the underdogs, anti-heroes, and shameless whores.

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