“A Few of My Favorite Things”


Tale As Old As Time

Historical Romance is a generic term for a wide and varied genre. Stories could be set in Arthurian Fiction, Ancient Greece, Tudor England, Westerns, during the Civil War, Pearl Harbor… the list is endless. Because of this, historical romances can require a great deal of research. Many committed followers of the genre hold authors to a high standard of authenticity. Fashion, language/speech, homes, politics, foods, furnishings… everything must be correct for the time period used or readers will show their disapproval with negative reviews.

I’m not quite so picky about certain details as long as there is an amazing story!

And you thought it was just a romance novel!

For a great many of us, historical romance means an English setting or English characters, usually in the Victorian, Elizabethan, or Regency periods (named for the ruling monarchy). These are three of the most popular periods with readers.

If you’re of a certain age, you remember when the term “bodice ripper” was popularized and all cover models looked like 80s-model Fabio Lanzoni!

While the term is still used, (along with racy, steamy, sensuous, erotic and HOT), cover models are much more diverse and varied. Sorry, Fabio!

Join me in May for Historical Romance Month when I’ll be spotlighting my favorite historical romances and their characters.

And I won’t be alone!

The authors of my favorite historical romances will be on-hand with Rafflecopters, ebook/gift card giveaways, print books, and even a Kindle!

 Remember to stop by Nesie’s Place in May for chances at prizes and links to great reads!


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6 thoughts on ““A Few of My Favorite Things”

  1. I’m sure authors must do a lot of research for historical romances, but it makes the story richer. I used to read a lot of historical romance back in the day- Julie Garwood was (and may forever be my favorite).

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