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Tale As Old As Time

Historical Romance is a generic term for a wide and varied genre. Stories could be set in Arthurian Fiction, Ancient Greece, Tudor England, Westerns, during the Civil War, Pearl Harbor… the list is endless. Because of this, historical romances can require a great deal of research. Many committed followers of the genre hold authors to a high standard of authenticity. Fashion, language/speech, homes, politics, foods, furnishings… everything must be correct for the time period used or readers will show their disapproval with negative reviews.

I’m not quite so picky about certain details as long as there is an amazing story!

And you thought it was just a romance novel!

For a great many of us, historical romance means an English setting or English characters, usually in the Victorian, Elizabethan, or Regency periods (named for the ruling monarchy). These are three of the most popular periods with readers.

If you’re of a certain age, you remember when the term “bodice ripper” was popularized and all cover models looked like 80s-model Fabio Lanzoni!

While the term is still used, (along with racy, steamy, sensuous, erotic and HOT), cover models are much more diverse and varied. Sorry, Fabio!

Join me in May for Historical Romance Month when I’ll be spotlighting my favorite historical romances and their characters.

And I won’t be alone!

The authors of my favorite historical romances will be on-hand with Rafflecopters, ebook/gift card giveaways, print books, and even a Kindle!

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“Avarice Unforgiving (Hell on Earth Book 2)” by A.C. Melody #Spotlight 18+

In anticipation of the April 30th release of “Avarice Unleashed”, book 3 in the “Hell on Earth” series, I’m spotlighting books 1 and 2! The books can be read for free through the Kindle Unlimited program! My review appears at the bottom of this post – Enjoy!

Avarice Unforgiving

“Avarice Unforgiving (Hell on Earth, Book 2)”

Length: 135 Pages

Genre: Dark Erotica-BDSM-Paranormal

Cover Art: Deranged Doctor Design

Editor: Monique the Editrix

Rating Average: 4.5/5 Stars

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That’s Kami’s first instinct when shit gets a little too real for her peace of mind.
Kink was supposed to be an escape, a release, but her mysterious Dom robbed her of that and there’s no going back. Her job was supposed to be an accomplishment, a step forward, but Mr. Kress took that from her and twisted it to his own design.

They want her to submit.

If Kami had her way, they’d both be kissing her ass on her way out the door.
Now, there’s a new threat hanging over her head. An unknown enemy wants to expose all of Kami’s sordid, depraved secrets to the media. Little do they know, that even she has no clue who in the hell she really is…but someone does.

Someone who’s about to reveal an incomprehensible tale. A truth that will unravel Kami’s entire life at the seams. Everything she’s ever believed will be altered as she’s thrust into a world she’d never feared existed, and only one undeniable fact will ring through the loudest:

Running had never been an option.




“No, Sir. I said, right away, Sir,” she smiled brightly.

He gave her a dark smirk. “Cheeky.”

His eyes swept down her body and back up again. By the time they landed on her face, that smoldering deviousness was back. Fuck. That was worse. She’d rather him bend her over the counter and whip her ass, because now she was going to be squirming in anticipation until he revealed his kinky plans on the plane. Pivoting in the doorway, he gestured for her to lead the way.

“Always the gentleman,” she sighed.

His arm curved around her hips from behind to stop her.

“Oh no, baby girl. You know me better than that. I don’t allow you to go first, because you’re a lady. I insist you go first, because I keep an eye on what’s mine, and I like you aware of the fact that I’m right here,” his hot breath molested the nape of her neck. “Where I can take whatever I want, whether you see it coming or not.”

Embers of lust sparked through her, heating her veins. His words and nearness sent erotic shivers in every direction. Kami’s lips parted on a ragged breath and the need…it was crazy how badly she could need him.

“Okay, Sir, I’m sorry,” she apologized.

“Mmm,” his lips brushed over her ear, intensifying everything. “As if that changes anything.”


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Avarice Unforgiving

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~ Felicia’s Review ~

December 17, 2016

5/5 Stars!

Avarice Unforgiving is exactly that–unforgiving. Book 1 was Cat in the Hat compared to this continuation. Just when I thought I was on the same page with this author and had delved into the psyche of Kameo Kross, and figured everything out, this read slapped me in the back of the head and said, “Nice try.”

But I wasn’t alone. Kameo herself has many questions she, nor anyone else can answer. At least, not anyone who’s willing to answer… not yet.

On a roller-coaster of emotions and need, Kameo is caught between her mysterious Dom and her ruthless boss. Both men feed the degrading submissiveness which is her joy and her shame. And then there are the jumbled memories of her ‘Bull Man’ and Halloween which still torment Kameo.

Not one who believes in happiness, Kameo feels that even if she gets what it is she’s been searching for, she won’t be allowed to keep it. That agonizing thought drives her to a decision–walk away.

Easier said than done. Honestly, she never had a choice.

Kameo finds out someone knows of her past–the bad and… the bad–and even the circumstances of her birth, and is out to blackmail her boss, Kress, and ruin her. Not believing she can sink any lower, Kameo is still appalled at the way the information is delivered… and where.

M.W. Kress. An enigma unto himself. I had thought certain things through about him from book 1, but even my twisted mind didn’t go… there.

While trying to understand how and why she has become someone’s target, Kameo must reconcile with new revelations. The circumstances of her birth are not what she’s believed all her life, and she’s not whom she thought she was. Well, actually, she’s not sure who she is. Kameo has to open her mind to things ‘normal’ people would never believe. Even with doubts still pulling at her, Kameo knows what she’s seen… and experienced… is real.

With mild trepidation, Kameo decides to accept what is offered and steps out on Faith. (Did I really say, ‘Faith’?) This is when the story is bum-rushed by a tornado of a plot twist that left me just staring at the screen! Trying to kick start my brain, I proceed to the last chapter… and the annihilation of my brain was complete. I have no words.

Avarice Unforgiving is a complex, tightly written story–there is no wiggle room. And you will wiggle. It will make you squirm. Much of the world building includes things many of us have been taught or read. Avarice Unforgiving will challenge you.

Of course, it is a cliff-hanger! This author…maaan! Book 1 left me hanging on with two hands. Now, I’m hanging on with one hand…and reaching for book 3! There is a disclaimer at the book’s beginning–please read it! This is not a comfy, little read. Though short in length, you will not “breeze” through it. Much like Kameo Kross, you will be tormented… and you will enjoy it. Go ahead and 1-click. No judgments here.


“Unbreakable (Undeniable Trilogy Book 3)” by ML Preston #ReleaseBlitz 18+

Undeniable Book Banner

Unbreakable cover

“UNBREAKABLE (The Undeniable Trilogy Book 3)”

Author: ML Preston

Genre: Contemporary, IR, Romance

Release Date: April 25, 2017

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Learning to love again was the most difficult task for Amaya Davis. When she shed her insecurities, and took a full run at it, Nicholas managed to break her once again. Instead of cowering to her old ways, she stood on her new-found ground and made an honest attempt to move on. But with Nicholas fighting to break through her walls and regain her trust, she realizes her heart only belongs to him.

Now living in their forever with a baby on the way, and her new job with Nicholas as her boss, they seem to be heading towards the matrimony express. Yet some people won’t take a hint.

Will Nick and Amaya have a happily ever after? Or will the villain get the victory?

Unbreakable Teaser 2



“I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting your needs, baby,” he whispers as he continues to lay the assault of kisses on my mouth. I reach down and pull his t-shirt off, revealing the amazing set of abs he has developed over the past few months. He works out more now to relieve the tension of not having sex. That is why I’m so surprised and relieved that we are doing this now.

“Nick, are you sure you want to do this?” I ask. He places his finger on my lips signaling me to be quiet as he gently lays me on my back. Propped up on his side he traces my face with his free hand and slowly makes his way to my engorged breasts and plays with my nipples. He watches as I writhe in pleasure. They are so sensitive. I reach over with my left hand and feel the length of his cock through his jersey shorts. I gasp at what I’m feeling and desire races to my pussy where the need to feel him deepens. I try to pull him near me, but he declines the invitation as he slides his hand across my belly, down to my awaiting swollen clit, and begins to play with it softly. The sensation begins to grow and almost becomes too much when he suddenly stops before my eruption.

Unbreakable Teaser rb

“Why’d you stop?” I pant out, wanting to feel him in me or complete the task.

“I…I just love watching you. Knowing that I bring that sexy ass look to your face, that I’m responsible for that glow, for those moans, for making you come, is fucking hot and I love being the one responsible. I don’t want it to end.” I push him over onto his back and mount him placing his hands on my breasts and inviting him to slowly massage them. I remove the pins from my hair and allow the curls that he loves, to cascade down my back and frame my face. I playfully tease my hair causing him to let out a slow hiss as he adjusts his hips. I begin a slow and steady rock against his erection throwing my head back each time I hit that spot. He reads the expression on my face and grinds up into me, giving me the pleasure I need.

Unbreakable Poster



ML Preston

ML Preston was born and raised in Oklahoma City, where she learned early on that she had a gift for bringing worlds to life with her words. An avid and voracious reader, she was encouraged to nurture her active imagination and quickly found a passion for storytelling. Inspired by her own personal love story, she began to write the voices in her head, embarking on a journey to share her stories. She spins tales of passion and romance where the lines between race and creed, physical perfection and social norms disappear in the face of love. Tales of real love; erotic connections with a heart and soul that everyone can relate to. She now makes a home in Texas with her husband and three children, who keep her grounded when the voices call on her to tell their story. And they never stop calling.






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