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Wishful Wednesday

Wishful Wednesday is a meme hosted by *Didi Oviatt – Author* where we can share the books we could see ourselves living in.  Whether it be pillow-talking with your book-boyfriend (or girlfriend), casting a sleep spell on your arch nemesis, or even crossing swords with a pirate. If you could pick a book to live in, what book would it be, and why?

The options are endless, and the beautiful part is that we can change our minds every week!!  If you want to list your *Wishful Wednesday #ICouldLiveThere* book, then join in the fun!!  You’re welcome to use Didi’s WW picture, or not, whatever you prefer!  Just list your book choice of the week and link back here to *the main Wishful Wednesday Page* and she’ll link you in her weekly pick!!


Shifters, especially wolves. A favorite in paranormal romance.

This week, if I could live anywhere, it would be among shifters…specifically, Ellis Leigh’s Feral Breed Motorcycle Club.

If you’re not familiar with wolf shifters, they generally live in packs. There’s an Alpha leader, whose word is law, and he’s backed up by his Beta. The position of Alpha is mostly passed down through familial connections. However, any wolf may challenge the Alpha – in a fight-to-the-death match.

The Feral Breed is a pack unto itself, made up of centuries-old shifters, wolves who lost their pack (or walked away), and humans who were “turned.”

I love these guys! Their pack has one purpose and one purpose only – to serve as an elite protective/investigative team for the president of the North American Lycan Brotherhood – the NALB – the governing body of all shifters…except the bad guys.

This six-book series follows some of the main characters on their job assignments – and finding their fated mates! Mates, I should add, some of them believed they’d never find. Gates, the Gatekeeper, is well over four hundred years old and had given up hope. Gates is also the most dangerous member of the pack… but not the alpha. I’d just like to hang out with Gates… and his brother, Beast. Their snarky banter is spot on, but their brotherly love is even better. Gates feels responsible for what Beast went through when they were children… and lost their family.

What’s makes the Feral Breed world even more awesome is the heroines!

Don’t call these women sassy and feisty! They are strong and focused, and even though the pull to their fated mates is undeniable and hard to resist, they will not be deterred from their purpose. And if their mates make the mistake of trying to tell the women what to do? Well, they only try it…once.

The Feral Breed world centers around Detroit and Kalamazoo, Michigan. I grew up in Battle Creek, the Cereal Capital of the World, so the area is already familiar to me. I might even be able to teach my new pack-mates a thing or two.

There are three spin-offs of this great series – Feral Breed Followings, The Gathering Tales, and The Devil’s Dires. But you get the best flavor of the shifter paranormal world by starting with the Feral Breed.

And – you’re in luck! The first three books of the series are boxed together as

Feral Breed: Volume One: Feral Breed Motorcycle Club

and on sale for only #99cents!

Feral Breed Vol 1 cover

Spend some time with the Feral Breed in their world… and tell them I sent you!






You Gotta Laugh!

You Gotta Laugh

Just a couple of days ago I blogged about the health misadventures I’d been through with the mister. At that time, he’d had two ER visits since he was discharged from the hospital… FIVE days ago.

He’s sitting in an ER exam room AGAIN as we “speak”. The chest catheter incision will not stop bleeding despite the fact we were told it was “merely discharge of fluid buildup which would cease in twenty-four hours.”

Shut up.

Fibromyalgia is the boss of me today. The stress and activity of the last few days was too much, so our twenty-seven-year-old son, Drew, volunteered to escort his dad to the ER.

Drew’s a good guy. Member of the Arizona Army National Guard, security officer, and much-loved by children, senior citizens, and animals.

He’s also a card-carrying geek/nerd/SciFi/MMRPG/anime writer! This will have relevance very soon – bear with me.

We went to the hospital closest to us (two miles away) for the mister’s first two ER visits.

During the second ER visit, we got a great doc with an awesome bedside manner. (Still trying to figure out why our oldest son referred to him as “Dr. Kevorkian.” He was really nice and no one was dying or wanted to die!) He added two new sutures but warned us they might not be enough, and if the bleeding returned, the mister should see the person who put the catheter in.

So today, Drew took his dad to the hospital where he had the procedure done while hospitalized. Good news – the same doctor is in the building. Bad news – she’s in surgery.

The wound is cleaned and packed… and they wait. The mister’s pain level is rising. Drew calls me for guidance and I tell him to ask them to pull his chart from last week and give him whatever worked.

That’s not what Drew did.

No. No. Andrew Cameron, went “one step beyond.”

During the weekend the mister was first admitted, Drew was on weekend drills and getting updates via text messages.

Without scrolling back through his messages, Drew tried to recall the meds given to his dad. When the nurse returned, Drew told her (and quite loud and forcefully I’m told by the mister), “My dad’s pain is getting worse. You have to give him some Dilithium!”

My Star Trek following-friends are already laughing.

If you’re not familiar with dilithium – they are the rare crystals required by the Starship Enterprise to reach and travel at warp speeds.

When the mister called to share this with me after he was given Dilaudid, I could still hear laughter inside AND outside the exam room!

Minutes later, I get a single text from Drew which said, “I shouldn’t be here.”

I am still laughing!