“The Eternity Acts: Short Stories, Era 1” by Jordan C. Robinson #Review

The Eternity Acts Short Stories

“The Eternity Acts: Short Stories, Era 1”

by Jordan C. Robinson

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy

Release Date: January 29, 2017

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4/5 Stars!

The Eternity Acts: Short Stories are companion pieces of The Eternity Acts, a currently available web-based science-fiction fantasy serial. The author posts new installments twice weekly, and short stories in the interim.

While the main story plays out in The Eternity Acts, Short Stories delves deeper taking nothing away from the main story or leaving the reader with a list of characters far too long to remember. Arrogance and privilege are juxtaposed next to poverty, cruelty, and inhumane treatment.

The world-building is unique and interesting.

Cursed by a prior king, the kingdom of Elodine is surrounded by a wall of fire and its residents transform into animal form at dusk and change back at dawn. No one knows why or how he placed the curse and no one has been able to break it.

Despite the animal forms they live in through the night, it’s the humanness that still controls the hearts of men. As generations pass, differences are focused on, class systems are created and many are enslaved.

In these fourteen stories, we see life lived through the eyes of members of all classes. The elite remains on top through arrogant, high-handed laws enforced by a police corps prone to favor strong-arm tactics and torture over due process.

The poor and enslaved have had enough.

Rebellion is coming to Ikalga… and all Elodine… and everyone has a part to play.

This is quite a large undertaking for any writer, but this new author has handled it extremely well, maintaining flow and continuity.

I highly recommend this book of short side stories and its online parent. (Which is updated every Wednesday and Saturday – check it out!)

Regardless of your preferred genre, this is an enjoyable read.


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