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Snapped up this idea from blogger-bud, Didi Oviatt! Please stop by Didi Oviatt, Author – and tell her I sent you! 😉

Find a book for each of your initials. I’m using books from my Review page!

F – Four (The Republic #2) by Archer Kay Leah

E – East to West by Lolita London

L – Long Time Coming (Hot Rods Book 8) by Jayne Rylon

I – If I Stayed (Let Love In)(Amish Romance) by Becca Fisher

C – Complexity (The Kinky Connect Chronicles #4) by Harper Miller

I – If Only in My Dreams (Seven Brides Seven Brothers #5) by Belle Calhoune

A – Avarice: A Hell on Earth Novella by A.C. Melody

Count your age along your bookshelf: What book is it?

Number 56 is Lucian Bane’s Reginald Bones.

Reginald Bones

Pick a book set in your city/country.

Nights in Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks. The ending tears me apart, but still love the story!

Nights in Rodanthe

Pick a book that represents a destination you’d love to travel to.

It is a purely fictional town, but after reading Farrah Rochon’s six-book series located in Maplesville, I’m always wondering why I can’t find a sleepy little southern town like that. Moments in Maplesville (Bundle Edition)

Moments in Maplesville cover

Pick a book that’s your favorite color.

Purple is my favorite color and I’m going to choose MY book, In the Best Interest of the Child, since the cover was made especially for me! *Shameless self-promotion!*In the Best Interest of the Child cover

Which book do you have the fondest memories of?

Without a doubt, Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye! I was a teenager and before that book, I read mostly mysteries and fairy tales. But The Bluest Eye was the first book that had me bawling like a baby and connecting with Morrison’s use of simile and hyperbole. She counts it as one of her lesser works, but for me, it’s simply the best!

The Bluest Eye Cover

Which book did you have the most difficulty reading?

The Millionaire’s Regret by Nicholas Field! And no, it’s not about some brooding, dominant, rich guy romancing some silly broad! It’s a Suspense/Thriller…which is what I had a problem with – no suspense, no thrills. I tried THREE times to read this book. It was so dry and uneventful, I’d move on to something else. I hate DNFs and tried a fourth time and stuck with it…and was rewarded with a great story and the MOTHER of all plot twists! It’s not the best book I’ve ever read, but it is tightly written…once you get past page thirty or so, however, the plot twist IS the best I’ve ever read. It’s a shame this author didn’t continue writing. (My review!)

The Millionaire's Regret cover

Which book in your TBR pile will give you the biggest accomplishment when you finish it?

Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideals in America by Ibram X. Kendi. If I can make it through a nearly six hundred page book about ideals, beliefs, and practices that only serve to destroy, I will more than deserve the several drinks I’ll have after I finish.

Stamped from the Beginning

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“Nicu (The Dark Shadows, Book #5)” by Ariel Marie #CoverReveal


Nicu (The Dark Shadows #5) by Ariel Marie Cover Reveal

Nicu Olaru, the heir to the vampire king was not a vampire to cross. Even while seething in the dungeon of the necromancers, he plotted how he would kill Sodan, their king. But first, he had to escape his prison cell. He just had to wait for the Dark Shadows to come for him. His brothers would not forsake him. They would come for him, but somehow the first person who stumbled upon him was an innocent with large brown eyes…

Samara Shamus had never experienced such a rush of power before. One look at the menacing figure locked away in the cell and she knew that he was a force to be reckoned with. The word danger dripped from every facet of his body, but for some reason, he was the only one that she could trust. Her entire future changed the night she met her first vampire.

The Dark Shadows were fighting a war to save their race. But how could Nicu focus when he had more at stake to lose than just his race?

Warning: This book contains material for those 18 years and older.

Preorder Links:

Nicu (The Dark Shadows 5) Amazon Universal Link: getBook.at/Nicu

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06X9DT1K8/

Amazon CA: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B06X9DT1K8

Amazon AU: https://www.amazon.com.au/d/B06X9DT1K8/

Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06X9DT1K8/


About The Author

Ariel Marie is an author who loves the paranormal, action and hot steamy romance. She combines all three in each and every one of her stories. For as long as she can remember, she has loved vampires, shifters and every creature you can think of. This even rolls over into her favorite movies! She loves a good action packed thriller! Throw a touch of the supernatural world in it and she’s hooked!

She grew up in Cleveland, Ohio where she currently resides with her husband and three beautiful children. Want to know more about her and her books?

Visit her website www.thearielmarie.com

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“Skin in the Game M/M, Cedar Falls 18” by Shea Balik #PreOrder

Skin in the Game cover

“Skin in the Game M/M, Cedar Falls #18”

by Shea Balik

Genre: Gay/Erotic

Release Date: February 28, 2017



Tahl Pendev had been lusting after Reed since Utopia first opened. He could have easily taken Reed to his bed, but Tahl wanted more than a one-night stand. What he wants–no, demands–is forever, or he won’t have Reed at all.

Reed Bowden doesn’t believe in love, marriage, or even commitment. He was happy with one night stands and no strings weighing him down. But when one of his friends gets shot because of Reed, he starts to wonder if his lifestyle is all it was cracked up to be.

Will Tahl find a way to reach Reed, or will they implode before they have a chance?

Warning: High jinx will ensue as the characters from Cedar Falls try to play matchmaker.


Instantly Reed’s hackles went up, but for an entirely different reason than they had with Alcott. Tahl had a way of pissing Reed off just by existing. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Reed lied.

Tahl was the only man Reed had ever met that was better looking than Reed. Midnight black hair that shimmered blue under the right lights accentuated his deep blue eyes perfectly. High cheekbones, strong chin, and firm lips that just begged to be kissed all added to the man’s allure.

But his good looks didn’t stop there. His body was a chiseled masterpiece that spoke of years of dedication and training in the gym. Add to all of that, the man’s cocky attitude of knowing just how fucking gorgeous he was and ability to mesmerize anyone with just a look, and Tahl could have any man he wanted.

Including Reed. Except Tahl hadn’t been interested. The man hadn’t even flirted with Reed. It was as if Reed didn’t exist, well, unless Tahl was giving him a lecture on dating casino staff. There were no smiles from those firm lips, just a disapproving frown that never seemed to waiver.

“Really?” That frown was there, along with one eyebrow raised, telling Reed Tahl not only didn’t believe his lie but was disappointed, as usual, that Reed had bothered to tell it. “Because I believe it is you Alcott came here to see, and since he created a scene that involved Jesse, Ethan, Flynn, and”—Crow hesitated as he glanced over at Kale—“Danton. I would think you would have discouraged him from coming here again.”

Kale’s smile instantly turned icy as he was reminded about the Christmas fiasco that led to all the men mentioned being banned from the New Year’s Eve party. It had been a disaster of epic proportions. One that had nearly gotten Reed fired, the casino closed down, and three innocent bystanders sent to the hospital for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

After Aidan, the property’s manager had banned Alcott for sixty days. Reed had hoped the man would have given up chasing him. Evidently, he was wrong. “It’s not like I invited him here,” he told Tahl belligerently.

“Apparently he didn’t get the memo,” Tahl said dryly. “Have you thought about telling him you don’t want to see him again?”

Reed wanted nothing more than to smash his fist into that smug face. “Look, you pompous jerk, I have told him, over and over again. It’s not my fault if he ignores me.”

A muscle along Tahl’s jaw jumped, but otherwise, he didn’t react to Reed’s insults. His so-called friends, on the other hand, couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

“I think I hear Stone calling me,” Kale said. “I better get moving.”

“Yeah,” Crow followed. “I’m pretty sure he was calling for me, too.”

Reed stared after them, shocked they would just abandon him when they knew he couldn’t stand Tahl. Then again, if the roles were reversed, he was pretty sure he would have gotten out of there as fast as he could, too.

“Looks like your friends are smarter than you, Reed.” There was something in Tahl’s tone that had Reed’s teeth clenching in irritation.

He couldn’t pinpoint it exactly, but the way Tahl talked to him was like a schoolmarm talking to a five-year-old who’d been naughty. He was sick and tired of being treated as if he didn’t know how to behave. No, that wasn’t it. Everyone treated him that way. It was only Tahl he resented doing it.

What he hated was Tahl believing he had the right to tell him what to do. Who the fuck was this guy anyway? “Look, we are not friends, nor do I want to be your friend, so stop thinking you can order me around.”

The moment the words were out, Reed knew them for the mistake they were. Tahl grew still, too still. Those deep blue eyes blazed with fire that trapped Reed in place. Tahl was like a snake about to strike. Just as the thought left Reed’s head, Tahl moved, crowding Reed to the wall not more than ten feet from them.

He had been a Marine for eight fucking years, training with some of the toughest sons-of-bitches he’d ever known, yet Reed had no idea how Tahl had moved that fast or managed to pin him to the wall so he couldn’t move.

He owed Stone an apology for not taking hand-to-hand combat more seriously. Maybe if he’d paid more attention in class, he wouldn’t be in this predicament.


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“One Night in Daytona” by Ann Grech #FREE

One Night in Daytona


¸.•´. Daytona 500 Weekend #Sale

One Night in Daytona by Ann Grech

#oneclick this quick, sexy read for #free this weekend only!


Amazon: getBook.at/Daytona

iBook: http://bit.ly/DaytonaIB

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Jos Farris was on top of the world, leading the Daytona 500 until a simple mistake ended his race and possibly his career.  Cassie Lane’s day had gone to hell; on national television her star whistle-blower backed out of the story that would have made her career, making Cassie look utterly incompetent.

But Jos’ day suddenly looks up when the red-headed beauty sits down next to him in a biker bar in Daytona Beach, Florida.  Cassie can’t resist the chemistry between the two of them.  And she’s not the only one.  The sparks sizzle as soon as they touch, but is their love affair fated to a one-night stand or will destiny bring them together again?

One Night

#AnnGrech #novella #erom #freebie #Daytona500

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