I Reblogged, Is That Okay?

…because Lisa said so! 😋

Reblog her! 😉


I finally did it.  What finally pushed me over the edge was Opinionated Man over at Harsh Reality and many other older, well established, popular bloggers suggesting it was wrong not to do so.

So what were my insane issues:

Stealing: Using other people’s hard work & talent to improve the content of my blog.

actress-1511822_1920.jpg Pixabay, Thank you!

Technical skill:  How do I do this thing, it is so much easier to type babble and take pictures of my pets.

Upsetting the victim:  I love having my work reblogged (Hint, hint, please reblog my work), but I am an attention seeker and secretly arrogant, other people may be shy.

Upsetting my readers: Some of the blogs I read are a little naughty, I am secretly a bad girl, don’t judge me, and sometimes I say naughty things in other blog’s comments.  I’m 46 and married give me…

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