“Savage Sacrifice: A Dire Wolves Mission (The Devil’s Dires Book 5)” by Ellis Leigh #Review

Savage Sacrifice front cover

“Savage Sacrifice: A Dire Wolves Mission (The Devil’s Dires)”

by Ellis Leigh

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Release Date: January 17, 2017

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5/5 Stars!

Without a doubt, Savage Sacrifice is the best story in the series so far! Okay, well at least it’s my favorite!

While four of the Dires have unbelievably found their fated mates in the last two years, Dire Belphegor aka Phego knows without a doubt that the same is not in his future. Nor does he want it to be. Having a mate would mean trusting someone other than his Dire brothers…and that’s just never going to happen.

While keeping Dire Thanus and his new mate, Ariel, safe, Phego is called upon for even more when Thanus is assigned a mission. Thanus never shirks the call to help protect the president of the NALB, which governs all shifters. But, Ariel is expecting their first cub, and leaving her unprotected is not an option. Phego pledges his life to protect his brother’s mate and child. Thanus hopes to return for the impending birth.

Meanwhile, Ariel has reached out to fellow med school bestie and sister Omega, Michaela, for help with her eventual delivery. A midwife for her pack, Michaela hasn’t seen Ariel since her ordeal and agrees to come to Ariel’s aid. Because of the past kidnappings and assaults against Omegas, Michaela’s Alpha refuses to allow her to travel alone, and here is where we meet moody, dangerous pack enforcer, Colt.

Phego is not happy about having strangers around his charge, and the situation deteriorates when he and Michaela realize they are fated mates. Thus, the stage is set for a showdown between Phego and his past…and an unknown threat that just happens to show up the same time as Michaela and Colt. This makes Phego even more unwilling to trust and follow his heart.

Phego’s story is the most emotional for me. All the Dires have a past, but Phego’s has done the most damage to his soul…and his heart. Initially, he has no intention of accepting Michaela and allowing her to get close. It was those closest to him who betrayed him, and he believes he lives only because of his Dire brothers, Thanus and Luc.

However, Phego’s mate is not one to be brushed off or taken lightly. Already knowing Phego doesn’t trust her, Michaela resolves to move slowly with the shifter, taking small wins where she can as she readies Ariel for delivery. And here is why I absolutely love the women of the Dires. They know danger is coming. They’re aware evil is close and moving in. Yet, they remain focused on the job at hand…and their mates. Michaela knows Phego has not accepted her, and might never. But when the threat appears, she reacts with a quickness! Her med school bestie doesn’t allow impending labor to stop her from giving an assist. These women are fierce! They do not waste words with telling you how strong and independent they are, they show you! Their Dire men are proud of the women’s strength, not always trying to tamper it down. They do not allow their natural instinct to protect their mates overshadow their knowledge these women do not necessarily need protectors, and will step up to any challenge. That’s awesome stuff right there!

While the Dires’ stories are interwoven, each can stand on its own. However, in Savage Sacrifice, there are a couple of questions left hanging in the air. Are there Dires other than Phego and his brothers? Are they a threat? I cannot wait to find out!

Grab Dire Belphegor and Omega Michaela’s story today! You’ll be glad you did!



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