Blogger Recognition Award

Blogger Recognition Award

Many thanks to Christine from the Brave and Reckless Blog for nominating my blog for The Blogger Recognition Award.  Christine’s poetry and prose are soul-stirring. And, if you’re not following her connected online reads Leaving and Absence, you’re missing out on an amazing, emotionally charged romance that needs to be published. *Hint, hint! Wink, wink!* Stop by and get lost in Rae and Jake’s story…and tell Christine I sent you!

OK, so these are the rules to follow when you accept this award.

1) Write a post to display your award.

2) Give a brief story of how your blog started.

3) Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers.

4) Thank the person that nominated you and link to his or her blog.

5) Nominate 15 other bloggers.


How My Blog Got Started

Before the ‘old’ Television Without Pity site shut down, I was partners-in-crime with a diverse group of crazy ladies writing fan fiction. We covered everything from ER to Dawson’s Creek! It was the first time in my life I’d ever shared my writing with anyone. Our favorite shows eventually were canceled, and I sort of ‘fell into’ indie-author-land while browsing Amazon. As a result, both my blogs, Told Ya’ So on Tumblr, and Nesie’s Place here on WordPress were started simply for ongoing indie author support. I enjoyed helping spread the word on the fantastic books I read by indie authors, and I’m pretty sure I was stressing my family and friends out on my social network sites with ALL the book posts. I took the plunge five years ago and began blogging.

It wasn’t until shortly before I published my debut novel, In the Best Interest of the Child, in September of 2016 that I launched my author site,

Advice for new bloggers

First piece of advice: Stay true to who you are. It’s said ‘imitation is the best form of flattery’, but not if you lose yourself in the process. Regardless of if you blog about health, fashion, books, technology, etc., never allow anyone to make you feel as though you’re doing something wrong, or pressure you into being like them. The world is a diverse place and there’s room for us all. No one has all the answers – no one gets it ‘right’ all the time.

My second piece of advice:  HAVE FUN WITH IT!

Nominate 15 Bloggers

These are just some of the amazing bloggers that I read and interact with on a regular basis.  Give them some love.

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What I Write

Pearls Before Swine

“This Kitten’s Got Curves (Shifter Date, #3)” by Alma Black #Review

This Kitten's Got Curves front cover

“The Kitten’s Got Curves (Shifter Date #3)”

by Alma Black

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Release Date: December 26, 2016

Amazon          Goodreads

3/5 Stars!

Cute, quick read with plenty of heat. Gareth and Rachel are likable and have obvious chemistry.

Good flow to the story, but Gareth’s call to mate and Rachel’s response…or lack of…sometimes…is mentioned often. What of Rachel? Do lion shifters have fated mates or are they simply chosen by other shifters?

After the horrific death of Gareth’s father, the danger element was watered down, anti-climactic, and felt rushed. With Mister Mysterious watching Gareth…and then Rachel from the beginning, I expected more of a confrontation.If this is what happened to Gareth’s father, he shouldn’t be dead.

This is considered a standalone but interconnected in the series. Some of the plot points simply fizzled away without any true resolution. I’m curious as to whether they will be picked up in subsequent stories. Didn’t work for me as a strong HEA.