“Microsoft Word in 30 Minutes” by Angela Rose #Review

Microsoft Word in 30 Minutes Cover, review

“Microsoft Word in 30 Minutes”

by Angela Rose

Genre: Technical/Desktop Publishing

Release Date: November 28, 2016

Amazon          Goodreads

5/5 Stars!

Stress-free Instruction!

As someone who used Word Perfect when dinosaurs once roamed the planet, I was an instant fan of Microsoft Word and all its subsequent updates/revisions/versions, and am a current subscriber to Microsoft Office 365. I have taught my children and family members, students, and senior citizens the basics of using Word, sometimes with many challenges. It would have been so much easier if I’d had Microsoft Word in 30 Minutes!

I did read the book in about thirty minutes, and even learned more than a few things I’d been doing wrong! Images and I have never gotten along in Word. And, I can now insert a chart or modify a table in minutes! (You do not want to know how I was ‘accomplishing’ it before!)

To truly test it, I turned to the one person I have never trained on Word – my husband! After going over the book with him, I left him alone and forty-five minutes later, he had created a document about our children, inserted bullet points AND an image, and sent it to me for review! SCORE!

Microsoft Word in 30 Minutes is a definite asset regardless if you know nothing about the program, or have been using it for years. It’s simple, easy instructions lead you through not only document creation but to professional-level documents without the stress and guesswork.

Sometimes, the best way to learn a program is to use it, and this manual allows you to do that by getting you up and running in less time than it takes to complete an actual document on your own.

I definitely recommend it!

(Review is for the paperback edition.)


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