What Are You Reading (Or Writing) Online? #FreeReads


Besides the ARCs/review copies I volunteer to read, I have a ‘few’ books I’m dying to dive into. How many is a few? Numbers aren’t important here. Dozens. Hundreds. Thousands. Are we truly counting? Do we need to? My mister tries to, but I’m just too fast for him. My TBR is so long, I really should have a librarian to keep it…and me…organized and updated.

But books, whether they are eBooks or print, are not the only things we’re reading. Many of us read online. Sites and blogs packed with exceptional poetry, prose, novellas, and full novels post daily. Online reads can enhance your website/blog by introducing new readers to your writing style…and lead you to meet new people…and make new friends. I’m only up to part five with my own online read – Free, A Novella – and have established connections and friendships with other writers and authors because of it.

Some of my favorite online reads right now are:

Thief of Dragons: The Echelonites of Cauldex (an Alternate-Earth, Erotic Sci-Fi Fantasy) by A.C. Melody (chapter 10 was just posted),


Flash Fiction – A Holiday Meeting (a holiday short story) by Nicole R. Locker (chapter 3 was just posted).

Blogger Simply Marquessa has several great online reads on her site, and is gearing up for 2017!

The poetry and prose by Christine Ray on Brave and Reckless is nothing short of amazing, and I cannot wait for her to update Leaving and Absence!

I recommend them all!

What are you reading (or writing) online? Feel free to post your links in the comments!


7 thoughts on “What Are You Reading (Or Writing) Online? #FreeReads

  1. Thanks for the shout-out Queen!

    I started on YOUR book right after I bought it but got sidelined with my bad back and home renovation issues – I’m looking forward to the holidays to relax and continue such a good read! I’m also going to catch up on your free read. I’ll also be checking in on A.C. and your other mentions. Wonderful post!


  2. Thanks for the mention, Lady! I am currently reading your “Free” novel, still have to get caught up on Part IV & V and have Nicole Locker’s Holiday short links saved in my email so I can start that next! I’ve also read a few of Marquessa’s flash fiction pieces, those are always good!

    Otherwise, I’ve got 2 book deadlines coming up and trying to get my muse on board with the Scavenger rewrites, but she’s not cooperating LOL I’m hoping sometime after February I’ll have more time to read. Great post! 🙂


  3. Thank you for the kind shout-out! I am very emotionally invested in Leaving and Absence I must admit. I would love feedback on whether the stories need an epilogue. Did I leave writers wanting more? Would you rather know what happens next or live with the suspense?


    1. Personally, I need an epilogue. I HAVE to have it confirmed the happily ever after happened or they moved on separately. Then I can either have a warm, fuzzy moment or a meltdown.

      I’m such a girl! 😄


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