A Day of Mourning

fierce encouragement

Photo: Jilbert Ebrahimi Photo: Jilbert Ebrahimi

Today is a day of mourning.
Whatever you are feeling, feel it.
What happens next?
The honest answer is: I don’t know.

Today we cast our gaze backward
and see how far that gets us.
Or we fix our eyes on the steep climb ahead,
when there is also this road,
only this road our brothers have braved
and our sisters have sung,
this road soaked with the blood
of my blood and the bones of my bones.

Today, anything goes.
We remember the night of broken glass,
the night of red overunning all of our maps,
the night of disbelief and yes,
this is real, this is really happening.
We are not the first
nor will we go down as the last
ones standing up for and against
the walls they threaten to build,
the ones my child told me
can’t get all the way to…

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