“Claiming A Pirate: A Swashbuckling Erotic Romance” by Em Brown #Review

claiming-a-pirate“Claiming A Pirate: A Swashbuckling Erotic Romance”

by Em Brown

Historical/Multicultural Romance

Release Date: October 6, 2016

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4/5 Stars! 

Adanya Mbwana and Dominic Bold are nothing less than a fierce battle of wills. Dominic even admits to himself that Adanya’s will is the stronger of the two. But none of it matters when it’s obvious Fate already has a plan.

I’m not usually a fan of Adanya’s type of female – brusque, unrelenting, even harsh. But, here it’s absolutely perfect. She’s a young woman liberated from cruel captors aboard a slave ship, then becomes a crew member aboard a pirate ship. Her life/world has been nothing but harsh. She knows little about weakness, and even less about her sexuality. However, as Adanya ages, curiosity and Mother Nature get the best of her. Neither of them realize it, but the request she makes of Dominic – as his agreeing to it – will forever change their lives.

Even before Adanya’s request, Dominic knows she’s impacted his life. After liberating the slave ship, Bountiful, Adanya’s father subsequently saves Dominic’s life, and becomes a member of the Phantom’s crew. (Dominic’s ship) Not realizing Mbwana has a young daughter until it’s too late, Dominic knows a pirate ship is no place for a female of any age, but also makes Adanya a member of his crew. Her abilities and determination make her an extraordinary crew member and she eventually becomes the ship’s pilot.

The road to their eventual separation, (and Adanya becoming captain of her own ship, the Sea Falcon) and reunion is the hand of Fate at its best. These two have to get past the bitterness, yearnings…and their pride with prices on their heads and crew members who are less than loyal.

The plot is tightly woven, and the characters are complex. The author nails their personalities. My only issue with this read is that it ends just a tad bit too quickly, because Rowland…yeah – he needed to be dealt with.

1-click this one today and get ready for a sexy adventure on the high seas.


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