“Hudson: Motor City Alien Mail Order Brides #2 (Intergalactic Dating Agency)” by Ellis Leigh #Review

hudson“Hudson: Motor City Alien Mail Order Brides #2 (Intergalactic Dating Agency)”

by Ellis Leigh

Science Fiction/Fantasy Romance

Release Date: October 11, 2016

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4/5 Stars!

Another cute story from this author.

Hudson and Macy are great together, even if she was a bit hesitant in the beginning (and understandably so). Hudson’s eternal optimism even before he met Macy was just too adorable. He faltered slightly after Macy sent him away – still don’t get that. She’s studying to be a doctor, and was constantly spouting off clinical terms and definitions. Her response to Hudson’s secret just felt ‘off’. Not saying she had to be his number one cheerleader…it’s not every day you meet an alien…it’s just in MY fertile mind, she should have been more calm…and sensible. Macy made it right, though – so I’m still in her corner!

You know whose corner I’m not in? Ugh! I could not dislike Stacy more if she ran around slapping old people.

They’re twins…I get it.

Macy almost lost her…I get it.

They only have each other…I GET IT! But Stacy was such an insufferable cow, and totally took advantage of Macy. Not to mention, everything she did had a ring of jealousy to it. Some might say she felt guilty because of Macy studying so hard, and felt it was because of her…but I am not in that group. Why go to all the trouble to manipulate your sister into a dating/marriage situation, and then call her constantly during the date…and/or invite yourself along on the date??? No, ma’am! I’m pretty sure Stacy was a pain in the @ss even before she became ill.

Tried to look at their relationship from every angle, but it just didn’t work for me at all.

Definitely surprised at Ampetheia and her muddled visions! They don’t have twins anywhere else in the galaxy? (This is a serious question!)

(Also still not a fan of Miss Chloe. Much respect for her talk to get Macy back on the right track, but she still annoys me to no end. Chloe just seems to go out of her way to be abrasive and a rude cow. UGH! Not sure what Cutlass sees in her besides sex…but whatever. Not used to this author having females that exhibit Typical Romance Heroine behavior…but I’m trying.)

I like Maverick, and Stacy has truly mucked things up! She’d better fix it!


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